Tyler Hoechlin Thanks WB, DC, & The CW for Saying Yes to Superman Spinoff

Tyler Hoechlin, who portrays Superman in the Arrowverse, thanks DC, Warner Bros., and The CW for greenlighting the Superman & Lois spinoff.

Tyler Hoechlin is thankful to all the companies for giving the go ahead on the upcoming Superman spinoff. This spinoff of Supergirl was recently revealed, and will reportedly be titled Superman & Lois.

It has been a long time since Superman starred in his own show. In 2015, CBS launched Supergirl, a program about Superman's cousin. While the Man of Steel didn't fully appear in season one, he was mentioned. Most fans didn't expect an actual appearance, but that changed in season 2 when the show switched over to The CW. The season premiere featured Hoechlin as Superman, and he was well-received by critics and fans. Superman would also lend a helping hand in the Elseworlds Arrowverse crossover. Hoechlin will be reprising the role in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Those worried that would be it for seeing Hoechlin as Superman can rest easy. Hoechlin is getting his own show, and the actor is thankful for the greenlight.

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Tyler Hoechlin posted a lengthy Instagram post, thanking Warner Bros., The CW, and DC for allowing a Superman spinoff show to be given a chance. The actor also mentions the joy of working alongside Elizabeth Tulloch, who portrays Lois Lane. Check out the post below.

Many fans are likely discussing how the show's storyline will play out. Although Hoechlin is being secretive, the report stated the show will deal with Superman and Lois as working parents. This indicates raising a child will be a primary focus. In the Rebirth comic book relaunch, the Superman comics dealt with Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark and Lois. Perhaps the show could take some ideas from these comics, but nothing is confirmed yet one way or the other.

Although there are so many unrevealed specifics and no official word from The CW on a premiere date, Superman & Lois is already an extremely anticipated show. Despite Arrow ending with its current season, the Arrowverse appears to be stronger than ever and is forging ahead with new content. With how popular Superman is worldwide, there's a solid chance a show with him as the focus could bring the highest ratings for The CW. Of course, there is no premiere date yet, so fans shouldn't expect to see the show for a little while. First, Superman will be involved in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and not just Hoechlin's character. It will certainly be interesting if the event directly sets up Superman & Lois in any way.

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Source: Tyler Hoechlin/Instagram

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