Rumor Patrol: Superman to Appear in DC's Shazam! Movie

Shazam aka Captain Marvel and Superman

Update: Henry Cavill's Manager Teases Superman Cameo

A new rumor suggests Superman will have a role in next year's Shazam!, and that information about Man of Steel 2 is only months away. Production on Shazam! is set to begin any day now, and casting and plot news have been pouring in as a result. The latest big addition was Mr. Robot and Luke Cage's Ron Cephas Jones as the wizard Shazam, who grants young Billy Batson his power to transform into the hero of the same name.

On the villain side of things, Mark Strong is returning to the DC Universe to play Doctor Sivana in the Shazam! movie. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's baddie turned antihero Black Adam was once set to serve as the central antagonist of the film, but the character is now getting his own solo movie instead. Still, if the latest Shazam! rumor is to be believed, the film's namesake won't be the only DC heavy-hitter who makes an appearance.

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Revenge of the Fans is currently claiming to have insider knowledge on Henry Cavill's future as Superman in the DC cinematic universe. According to the site's source, Cavill will next don the red cape for an appearance in Shazam!. It seems that the Man of Steel will be something of an influence on the young Batson, and inform his own heroism when the time comes. What form the cameo will take is still unknown, however.

DC's Shazam fighting Superman

Along with the news of Superman in Shazam!, it seems that the minds behind DC and Warner Bros. are working hard to get the Man of Steel on the big screen again. ROTF believes that this summer, possibly at Comic-Con in San Diego, news regarding Man of Steel 2 will be revealed. However, even if that happens, the film probably won't be hitting theaters in the immediate future, what with Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2 already scheduled for theatrical release in 2019. As such, 2020 seems the earliest time that the movie could arrive.

The DC Films slate is rumored to include Man of Steel 2, and filmmaker Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Kingsman) has already expressed interest in directing the movie himself, multiples times over now. Warner Bros. and DC would prefer to have Cavill's Superman back on the big screen before then though, which is where his rumored appearance in Shazam! would come into play.

Given the similarities between Shazam and the Man of Steel, it only makes sense to have Superman appear in the 2019 film in some capacity. And with Shazam! starting principal photography soon, it might not be too long before we find out if there's any validity to this rumor or not.

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Source: Revenge of the Fans

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