Rocksteady's Rumored Superman Game May Be Unveiled At E3

Rocksteady's latest superhero game is rumored to be based on Superman, and the latest bit of speculation suggests the company will make an announcement about it at E3 this year. Get ready for rumors about rumors, with a hefty dose of rumors...

Rocksteady lit a fire beneath the genre of superhero video games when it broke the mold with Batman: Arkham Asylum back in 2009. Spawning Arkham City in 2011 and rounding off a trilogy with Arkham Knight in 2015, hopes of a fourth game never came to pass. Rumors of an open world Superman game have been doing the rounds for years, with Rocksteady being the prime candidate to develop the sandbox adventure.

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E3 promises to be huge thanks to upcoming titles like Insomniac's Spider-Man and the newly-announced Fallout 76. According to a deleted 4chan leak which we ignored last week due to it featuring a totally fake image (using assets seemingly from Injustice), Rocksteady's Superman could put it right up there with this year's biggest gaming news. Adding fuel to the fire among fans, Game Informer's Andrew Reiner tweeted “Loving the run of Game Informer covers we’ve had in 2018. Next months is very very very very cool.” When one fan replied with an image of Superman, Reiner replied, “He needs a new cape.”

If true, Superman would potentially be unveiled next week on the front cover of Game Informer's July issue, followed by a first look at gameplay during Microsoft's E3 conference that starts at 4:00 p.m. EST on June 10. Showing off the game's capabilities on the world's fastest console is a clever move to get fans interested.

Leaks from a site like 4chan are always to be taken with a pinch of salt even if they line up partially with other previous reports, but fans can expect to see a Superman game's full capabilities if the rumors are true. The leaked teaser trailer description apparently reveals the Man of Steel weakened after a battle with Brainiac, followed by gameplay footage of the game's mechanics and a flying Superman taking on Brainiac's drones. The later Arkham games became synonymous with the Dark Knight's swooping down over an expansive Gotham City, but all of this will likely pale in comparison to Superman actually flying over the Metropolis skyline.

Battle tactics sound similar to Rocksteady's Arkham model and the trailer would suggest that Brainiac will become the de facto lead villain of the game. Just as Mark Hamill's Joker was a constant pest across the Arkham trilogy, Brainiac could be a recurring menace if there is to be more than one game. With a stocked rogues' gallery of Superman villains in the DC universe, expect the likes of Darkseid and Lex Luthor to at least be alluded to in Superman.

Rocksteady has reportedly been working on another DC project since it put down the cape and cowl after Arkham Knight. Once thought to be an ambitious Justice League game, it sounds like developers are taking on the heroes one at a time. If Superman proves to be as successful as the Arkham games, expect this to be just the start of a reinvigorated DC franchise under the Rocksteady umbrella.

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