Where's Superman? Rocksteady Addresses Their Absence at E3 2018

Superman in Arkham Knight

Disappointment may have struck attendees and followers of E3 2018 thanks to a lack of news about that alleged open-world Superman game, but developers at Rocksteady are here to explain why the company wasn't at the gaming expo this year. While the company has still yet to confirm that an Arkhamverse game based on the Man of Steel is in the works, there is a hint of something just around the corner.

Rocksteady is known best for its beloved Batman: Arkham games after soaring up the console charts with the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009. Featuring a gritty redesign of Batman's best and worst, Arkham Asylum kickstarted Rocksteady's love-affair with Gotham City and spawned the acclaimed Arkham series. Rounding it off with Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, players have been patiently waiting for any news of a new DC-themed triple-A game from then, most notably the oft-reported Superman spinoff.

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As fans looked to the skies for even a flutter of Superman's cape at E3, Rocksteady was a frustrating no-show. The run-up to E3 saw some evidence that Rocksteady's Superman was coming to E3 2018, but it never came to pass. Posting on Twitter to respond to fans, Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill apologized and explains what is going on:

"As soon as it's ready" isn't much consolation for fans, but with Rocksteady's track record, whatever is coming should be worth the wait. Annoying as it may be to eager players that there is still no confirmation of what the studio is working on - a Superman game or otherwise - Rocksteady is teasing that something is going on behind-closed-doors, while publisher Warner Bros. Interactive focuses on other current projects like Hitman 2.

Considering that Rocksteady effectively did for DC video games what Christopher Nolan did for Batman movies, there are high hopes that the studio can deliver with a Superman game. Just like The Dark Knight's sometimes maligned video game history, Superman has had some truly awful games over the years and is the type of character that is challenging to make into a gameplay experience.

A supersized Reddit post from last year suggested that Warner Bros. Interactive was moving ahead with a game called Batman: Arkham Insurgency and again use Batman: Arkham Origins' WB Games Montréal instead of Rocksteady. Although Arkham Knight was a conclusive way to end Rocksteady's arc, there were more than enough plot threads to warrant a fourth (fifth if we include Origins) game. While a new Batman game could easily cash in on the success of the Arkhamverse, many are hoping that Sefton Hill and the teams at Rocksteady are sticking on some underwear over their trousers and once again preparing to take the world of DC gaming in a brand new direction.

And where's that new Mortal Kombat game, WB?

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Source: Rocksteady/Reddit

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