Superman Exposing His Identity Won’t Mean What Fans Think

Superman Taking Off Glasses

He may have arguably the worst civilian disguise in all of comics, but Superman is about to take off his non-prescription spectacles, and reveal his true self to the world. In a story penned by comic book legend Brian Michael Bendis, the last son of Krypton will go through his biggest change since his death in the 90s. But while Bendis promises this change is no mere gimmick, it doesn’t mean what many fans think it will mean for Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent.

The issue prior will hint at the reason Superman reveals his identity, before “The Truth” storyline will take place over 2 issues, and will be accompanied by 2 one-shots titled Superman: Heroes and Superman: Villains, where the biggest characters in the DC Universe react to Clark’s “unmasking.” Since Superman’s coming out will be a lasting change not only in his own comics but in all DC titles, Bendis and company will explore how the consequences of his decision will affect his civilian life as a mild-mannered reporter. Including one DC villain who turns good for Superman as a result. Fans need not worry over the fate of their favorite Kansas beefcake as Bendis made it clear that Clark Kent won't simply disappear once the glasses come off.

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“I get why people would immediately think... that Clark Kent just goes away,” said Bendis  an interview with the The Washington Post. “Clark is a huge part of who [Superman] is. It’s who he grew up as. He’s not giving it up. He’s sharing it with people.”

Bendis added that the concept of secret identities have become somewhat outdated to modern comic book readers. With online trolls and foreign governments using anonymity to spread misinformation on social media, it can be hard for younger fans to find someone who hides behind a mask (or a spiffy pair of LensCrafters) as trustworthy. As such, fewer and fewer costumed heroes even have secret identities anymore, so having Clark tell the truth to the world is arguably one of the most Superman-esque things Superman has never actually done before.

Superman Reveals Secret Identity Comic

Bendis also pointed to his track record when it comes to story-driven shockers. The veteran writer previously unmasked Marvel’s Daredevil in Defenders #8. While the choice to unmask Superman was a polarizing one, after much internal debating the head decision-makers at DC Comics ultimately trusted in Bendis to deliver a monumental story that will be built upon for years to come. And Bendis isn’t just reshaping the Superman mythology, he’s been given a golden ticket to reshape the whole DC Universe in another title he’s writing The Legion of Super-Heroes.

One of Quentin Tarantino’s most popular villains famously mused in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 that Clark Kent is merely a costume that Superman wears when he’s not saving people, but Bill doesn’t understand what makes the Man of Steel so special (probably because he’s a villain). The classic 90s TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman spells it out clearly—“Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am.” Bendis is no amateur when it comes to breathing new life into iconic characters, and he certainly isn’t going to discard Superman’s link to humanity just to shock readers.

Superman #18 will arrive at your local comic book shop on December 11th, 2019.

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Source: Washington Post

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