Superman Returns Teaser Trailer

Well the first real teaser trailer for Superman Returns is finally out (sorry for the earlier false alarm).

It didn't really do much for me the first time I watched it, but I've since watched it a couple of times and it's grown on me a bit. The thing I like about it most is the fact that Bryan Singer (the director) is paying so much respect to the Richard Donner version of Superman. Using Marlon Brando as the voiceover for the trailer is very cool and shows how much Singer wants to tie this into the original Superman. Along with that we see Clark as a youngster and him discovering his powers. Overall though, I still thing the fan-made trailer that came out a while back is more effective.

Personally, I still think they should have put this project off for a couple of years and had Tom Welling step in as Superman at the end of Smallville. This season Welling has really matured a lot and I think that in a year or two he'd make a great Superman. Of course I don't know if he would have been willing to do that, and in any case it's a moot point. But, much like the Aquaman series that won't have anything to do with the appearance of the character on Smallville, studio execs seem to not have a grasp of the concept of tying things together.

Anyway, you be the judge...

Click on the image to start the trailer (it's a 17MB file). If you can't load the trailer that way, click here.

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