14Brandon Routh tried to play the Man of Steel twice before

Brandon Routh as Superman

The actor first auditioned to play Clark Kent on Smallville, only to lose out to Tom Welling.

It's obvious that Brandon Routh is a dead ringer for Christopher Reeve. That certainly worked in his favor, given that Bryan Singer wanted his film to stylistically pay homage to the earlier Superman movies. The truth, though, is that playing the role was in the cards for Routh for a long time.

A second chance presented

itself when he auditioned for director McG's Superman: Flyby, a 2004 attempt to bring the Man of Steel back to the big screen. J.J. Abrams wrote the script for that project, which never got off the ground, in part, because the studio wanted to film it in Australia and McG was afraid of flying. Flyby's subsequent cancellation deprived Routh of his shot at wearing the famous red cape -- for a while, at least.

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