'Superman Returns' Deleted Scene: '2001: A Superman Odyssey'

deleted scene from superman returns featured on superman blu-ray anthology

Bryan Singer's Superman Returns remains a point of contention amongst Superman fans - some hate it, some love it, and there's a tiny sliver of those in the middle.

Well, no matter how you feel about the film, it'll probably interest you to see a deleted scene from Superman Returns - one that is actually worth a look.

In this cut scene, Superman (Brandon Routh) finally reaches the wreckage of his home planet of Krypton (riding a crystal spaceship no less), which he has been searching the cosmos for. Of course, anyone who knows about the Superman mythos will understand the predicament that this long-awaited homecoming would have for the Man of Steel.

Watch Superman deal with said predicament in the Superman Returns deleted scene below:

It's fairly easy to see why this scene would've been left out of the theatrical cut. For one thing, it's tonally different from the rest of the film - a long, meditative sequence that actually feels more like a deleted scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, rather than Superman Returns.

Another reason why this scene was best left out of the finished movie: it offers a lot of room for fanboy nitpicks. A couple of examples: Why Superman would approach a huge chunk of Krypton, knowing that it is now deadly radiated kryptonite? If he really wanted to see his planet that bad, why not bring protective gear with radiation shielding? And so on...

Still, it is an interesting watch as far as deleted scenes go. Usually those sorts of "extras" are merely disappointing snippets of things that never needed to see the light of day. This was more like watching a short film. Singer can at least be proud of that.

You can catch this Superman Returns deleted scenes and much more on the recently-released Superman Blu-ray Anthology.

Source: Warner Bros.

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