Superman: Red Son Animated Movie Reportedly Coming; Cast Revealed

DC Films is adapting Red Son - an Elseworlds tale where Superman was raised in Russia - into an animated movie and Diedrich Bader is in the cast.

Superman Red Son

The classic Superman story Red Son will be the next Elseworlds arc adapted into an animated movie by DC Films, and Diedrich Bader has been confirmed to be among the voice actors already cast for the project. It remains to be seen what role the beloved voice actor is playing, but he's best known for playing Batman in other animated works based on DC Comics, including the series Batman: The Brave and The Bold.

Originally released in 2003, Superman: Red Son is set in an alternate reality where the rocket carrying an infant Superman landed on a Ukrainian collective farm rather than in Smallville, Kansas. This changes the course of the Cold War, with the Soviet Superman fighting a never-ending battle for "Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact." He's primarily opposed in this goal by Lex Luthor - a venture capitalist and scientist, whose belief in American exceptionalism stands diametrically opposed to the values of the regime that Superman helps to empower.

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Revenge Of The Fans reported on the new animated adaptation, and listed some of the actors who were said to be cast in the production. One of them, Diedrich Bader, confirmed his involvement in a Tweet, which can be seen below. The Tweet was later deleted.


Diedrich Bader Confirms Involvement In Superman Red Son

The cast list offers up a veritable who's who of great voice actors. Most of the actors have worked on previous DC Comics animated films and television series in the past, but no specific roles are confirmed by the listing. Diedrich Bader as Batman seems a safe guess, however, as his growly take on The Dark Knight would prove fitting of the Superman: Red Son version of Batman, who trains himself to bring down Superman after his capitalist parents are executed for printing anti-Communist propaganda.

Tara Strong, best known as the voice of Harley Quinn in various video games and cartoons and Raven in Teen Titans, is said to be involved in the film. So is Jason Isaacs, who has voiced Lex Luthor, Ra's Al Ghul and Sinestero in other movies. Travis Willingham, who has voiced Superman for various LEGO DC Projects, seems a likely guess for the chief role of Superman himself. Other big names attached to the cast include Phil Lamarr, Phil Morris and Vanessa Marshall. Whoever is cast in this Elseworlds production, it will likely be some time before Red Son sees the light of day. 2020 may be the soonest it could be released, given that DC Films already has a full release roster for 2019, and there is no indication they've already recorded the actors. Thankfully, Superman fans have the upcoming release of Reign of the Supermen to tide them over for a time.

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Source: Revenge Of The Fans/ Diedrich Bader

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