Superman Reboot's Perry White To Be Played By Laurence Fishburne

Outside of the recent news of Zack Synder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, being pushed back by Warner Bros. half a year to the summer of 2013, and that of the film's script being reworked, it's been relatively quiet on the Superman front as of late, made that much more strange by Comic-Con coming and going without a peep from DC Entertainment live-action film front.

Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU, Oz) was the last name to be attached to Man of Steel and speculation had him potentially in the role of Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Planet. Later it was reported that he'd likely be playing a General in the film, possibly even the father of Lois Lane, and now we know who's actually playing Clark Kent and Lois Lane's office boss at the Metropolis newspaper: Laurence Fishburne.

Fishburne is a familiar face of Warner Bros., having worked for them in The Matrix trilogy. With his role in CSI coming to an end and his only upcoming project being the TV film, Have a Little Faith, the man with the powerful voice is open for business and his next feature film will hopefully be the start of another multi-pic franchise for the actor.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive scoop that Fishburne has signed for Man of Steel which is scheduled to begin filming this fall for what we now know is a summer tentpole release two years from now. The character of Perry White is a hard-hitting, strict boss so it'll be interesting to see how Fishburne portrays him on screen and whether or not he'll be more of gentler, soft-spoken mentor not unlike his most well-known role as Morpheus. Either way, it's guaranteed to better than that of Fishburne's role in Predators...

Fishburne is another talented, recognizable star, who will help strengthen the already impressive supporting cast for Henry Cavill's ultimate leading role. And on that note, some trivia for you: Russell Crowe, who's playing Jor-El in Man of Steel turned down the role of Morpheus in The Matrix, which allowed Fishburne to get the part. Now they serve together in support of Superman!

The Man of Steel cast thus far (some have yet to be officially confirmed):

Superman: Man of Steel will be directed by Zack Snyder off a script by Kurt Johnstad, David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan. It will open in theaters June, 2013.


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Source: EW

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