Meet Superman's Grandfather In New Krypton Images

The newest Krypton TV show images take viewers into the world and culture of Syfy's upcoming Superman prequel television series.

The newest Krypton images take viewers into the world and culture of Syfy's upcoming Superman prequel TV show. With Syfy's DC TV series Krypton premiering in March, the long-in-development Superman prequel from David S. Goyer will finally see the light of day. Goyer has had a lot of success helping write and direct comic book films, and the pairing with Syfy could give the network yet another genre hit. While the show won't focus directly on the Man of Steel, Krypton is pulling out all the stops to make sure the series feels like an intergalactic political drama.

The synopsis for Krypton suggests that, while the series will primarily focus on Superman's grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), the show will also deal with the future destiny of the Man of Steel. It will manage this feat by employing time travel, with DC hero Adam Strange appearing on Krypton and warning Seg-El about what awaits his planet and family. Already, it's clear the series will use the lore of Superman as a jumping off point to dive into the cosmic side of the DC universe. And now, we have a new look at the series' pilot episode.

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Spoiler TV has a batch of images from the pilot episode of Krypton that put the focus on Seg-El and his family. Aside from showing off the set and costume design of the series, we also get some hints at the plot, such as Seg's mother Charys-El (Paula Malcomson) imprisoned and Superman's great-great-grandfather Val-El (Ian McElhinney) donning some familiar apparel. Check out all of the images in the gallery below:

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The group image put together Val, Charys, a young Seg, and Seg's father Quex-Li (Gordon Alexander) in what looks like some sort of trial. This may be the event that leads Charys to be jailed and the House of El to fall into disrepute. We've heard Krypton will have powerful religious zealots, so it's possible the more science-minded Els will run afoul of this segment of society.

It won't just be Superman's family and Adam Strange in the new series either. The image of Aaron Pierre as Dev-Em highlights one of Krypton's guards, and missing from the images is Lyta Zod, Seg's love interest. It's that latter character who will provide the series with a Romeo & Juliet vibe, as the pairing of an El and Zod will be highly frowned upon.

We also have yet to see Blake Ritson as Brainiac. The multi-faceted villain has a long history with Krypton even before Superman's day, making him the perfect antagonist to bridge the gap between the prequel and the story most audiences know. With characters like Strange and Brainiac showing up, we may end up seeing even more heroes and villains from past, present, and future, as Krypton weaves a tale that crosses time and space.

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Krypton premieres Wednesday, March 21 on Syfy.

Source: Spoiler TV

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