Superman's SON Just Got a Major Comic Makeover

Conner Kent's Superboy is Returning To DC, Too

For those fans of the 1990s Superman comics who hadn't heard the news, we are pleased to inform that the original, non-young-Superman version of Superboy, Conner Kent is on his way back to DC Comics. And even if decades have passed since he rose up following the death of Superman at Doomsday's hand, he's holding onto his classic leather jacket, sunglasses, and hairstyle.

The clone of Superman who eventually came to be adopted as a member of the House of El, and even raised by the Kents, has been missing from the DC Universe since his death in Infinite Crisis. And despite DC's reality being rebooted in both Flashpoint and when Superman's histories merged in Rebirth, Conner has been noticeably left out of the reset. Until now, thanks to Brian Michael Bendis' star-studded launch of his own DC imprint, Wonder Comics.

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The new line will return the three stars of Young Justice, including the '90s version of Conner Kent's Superboy, with the Wonder Twins and plenty other young heroes filling out the ranks. It was cause for celebration when the news was announced during New York Comic Con, and still is... but it raises some intriguing questions about who the "Superboy" title will belong to a year from now. And that answer may now come when Superman's biological son decides whether his time at war has made him grow up - and leave the "Superboy" name behind...

Will Both Superboys Exist in DC's Universe?

Until the arrival of Superman #8 and the relaunch of Conner Kent, fans will have to debate which path forward into the Superboy mythology they would rather see DC Comics follow. Would Jonathan Kent be better off leaving the "superboy" name behind and forming his own identity, like so many other young heroes before him? Or would that be too much to lose, considering his current relationship with Damian Wayne, and the link he helps form between Batman and Superman as super-dads?

On Connor Kent's part, it's still not clear if the leather-jacket wearing "Metropolis Kid" and the rest of his Young Justice heroes being rebooted under Brian Michael Bendis' Wonder Comics imprint will be a part of the larger DC Universe, or given their own playground at first. Since that difference will decide whether or not Conner and Jonathan are even able to meet in person, it may be the biggest deciding factor. All we can say for sure is this: judging by Jonathan's new red, blue, and black Kryptonian look, and Conner's spikes, leather, and spandex, the two Superboys would make for an incredible super-duo. The Metropolis Boys, anyone?

Superman #8 will be released on February 13th, 2019 from DC Comics.

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