DC Met With Michael B. Jordan About Playing Superman

DC reportedly met with Michael B. Jordan to discuss a possible new take on Superman, but a movie isn't close to happening yet.

DC met with Michael B. Jordan to discuss a new Superman movie. Best known for his collaborations with director Ryan Coogler (including Creed and Black Panther), Jordan's quickly emerged as one of his generation's brightest stars. As his career continues to grow, Jordan is constantly seeking out fascinating projects to take part in, starring in and producing courtroom drama Just Mercy and Tom Clancy adaptation Without Remorse, the latter of which is envisioned as a potential franchise for the actor.

Putting together a diverse filmography, Jordan is no stranger to the superhero genre. A few years before receiving unanimous praise for his turn as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, Jordan played Johnny Storm in Josh Trank's much-maligned Fantastic Four reboot. And his forays into comic book adaptations may not stop there. Late last year, it was reported WB was considering bringing Jordan in as Henry Cavill's Superman replacement, though nothing's come into fruition yet. However, the various parties have met with each other.

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In Variety's big breakdown on the future of DC movies, it's mentioned Jordan met with the studio earlier this year to pitch higher-ups "on a vision for the character." The outlet also noted the actor isn't signed on for anything yet, primarily because a new Superman movie is still a ways away and Jordan is keeping himself busy with other projects. DC's also met with J.J. Abrams about Superman.

Michael B. Jordan gets ready to fight in Creed

Cavill maintains he's still Superman after three appearances in the DCEU, but his future as the character seems precarious at best. In 2018, it was said WB had no plans for Cavill's take on Superman, indicating it wasn't a top priority. Instead, the studio's moved forward with other DC titles like The Batman, The Suicide Squad, and (at long last) Black Adam. For his part, Cavill's been preoccupied with Netflix's The Witcher, which was just renewed for a second season. From the looks of it, his time in the DC universe could be over, opening the door for another actor to take on the role. Jordan, who boasts a charismatic screen presence and can handle the physical nature of action-heavy roles, would be a good choice. After Cavill's iteration received blowback for being overly brooding and serious, Jordan could be a fun change of pace.

One thing WB needs to be cautious about is the potential for Superman movie franchise fatigue. Superman Returns never spawned any sequels, and Cavill's take (which started in Man of Steel) burned out. That's two failed reboots that happened in close proximity to each other. Judging by the box office numbers, cinematic properties only get so many chances before audiences are officially tired of them (hi, Terminator: Dark Fate). That's the last thing WB/DC wants to see happen to one of their flagship character. But with the right approach, Superman could be reinvented in a captivating way for modern audiences.

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Source: Variety

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