Yes, Superboy Named His Daughter After [SPOILER]

Superboy with His Wife and Daughter Comic

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Young Justice #4

The mystery surrounding Superboy's new wife and baby in the DC Comics Universe has been lifted, with fans now able to call the characters by name. But be warned: there's a good chance every Superman fan's heart will break when they learn who Conner Kent chose to honor with his firstborn child.

We should explain, since the premise outlined above is going to throw a LOT of fans of Superboy and Young Justice for a loop. Especially since Conner Kent--the real, leather jacket wearing Superboy--has been missing for years. Fans now know that he's been alive and well on another world, where he found a life, met a wife, and fathered a child. So it's only right that he should name her after the only family he ever knew on Earth... and the closest thing he ever had to a mother.

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Superboy's Wife, Lophi

Kid Flash Meets Superboys Family Comic

It was enough of a surprise for Bart Allen to discover Conner Kent alive and well on Gemworld, having aged to the point of growing a scruffy beard (and having clearly re-assembled his first superhero costume as 'The Metropolis Kid' upon his escape into the world). But the woman who appeared, baby clutched in her arms, asking if Conner was alright after running into a hyperactive speedster? That was a mystery strong enough to give even Impulse pause. Sure, it was just for a few seconds, but still. The issue confirmed that the woman was Conner's wife, but now Young Justice #4 has given her a name, too.

Thankfully for fans and readers left hanging over Issue #3, the fight between Conner and the servants of Dark Lord Opal is handled swiftly thanks to a single Kryptonian punch. So with the immediate threat out of the way, Bart is able to introduce himself to Conner's wife, Lophi. And if seeing Conner introduce Bart to his wife as a friend "from Earth. the place I was made" seems a bit cold, it should. It's a stark reminder that Conner came into this world as a clone, and not a son. But that all changed when Superman entrusted him to his own Earth parents. And if anyone ever wondered how much of a mark Ma and Pa Kent left on Conner... well, look no further.

Superboy's Daughter, Martha

Yes, a world and lifetime away from his adventures on Earth, Conner Kent chose to name his daughter after Martha Kent, Superman's adopted mother. And all things considered, Conner's adopted mother, too (even if he had far fewer years with them than Clark enjoyed). It's a moment that might be missed, but as it becomes clear that Conner will have to deal with the invaders on his and Lophi's property by force, Lophi runs inside to safety while calling baby "Martha" by name.

It's a beautiful touch by writer Brian Michael Bendis, and Patrick Gleason's artwork succeeds in creating a baby version of Martha Kent that more than lives up to the legacy. We can't say for sure if Conner will leave his family behind in Gemworld to return to Earth, or if they will accompany him back to meet Superman and the rest of the family. But for now we'll simply bask in this heartwarming reveal, yet another tribute to one of the most important women in the DC Universe.

Young Justice #4 is available now from your local comic book store, and directly from DC Comics.

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