Zack Snyder has been slightly more successful than Christopher Nolan in preventing photos from being snapped on the set of his highly-anticipated Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

It helps that Warner Bros. selected to unveil an official image of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume before shooting got fully underway on Snyder’s reboot. However, that doesn’t mean the amateur paparazzi aren’t out in full-force lurking around the Man of Steel set (see: early images of Cavil as Clark Kent).

Today we have a handful of set images that reveal noteworthy details about the costumes of the new incarnations of Superman, the criminal Kryptonians General Zod (Michael Shannon) and Faora (Antje Traue) – and possibly even U.S. military man General Swanwick (Harry Lennix).

Fair warning: Anyone who doesn’t want to know anything about Man of Steel, besides that which was revealed in the (vague) official plot synopsis, should not read on. These set photos only contain MILD SPOILERS, but they still have their fair share of revealing details. You’ve been warned…

Still here? This first image (via the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page) offers another look at Cavill’s Superman costume (minus one classic article of clothing) and Faora’s updated outfit:

Yes, it looks like Kal-El won’t be wearing his trademark red briefs (on the outside of his suit, that is) in either Man of Steel or Action Comics’ upcoming relaunch of the character. To quote the famous line from Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Thing Are”, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

On a less-provocative note: It looks as though Faora won’t be wearing looser black garbs like her onscreen predecessor, Ursa, wore in Superman II. Instead, the villainess looks to be costumed in a tighter outfit that sort of looks like a cross between Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld catsuit and old-fashioned metal armor, complete with a flowing black cape – practical, but still stylish, in other words.

For a better look at her outfit – and what appears to be additional confirmation that Michael Shannon will wear a CGI costume to play General Zod – check out the photo below:

This last Man of Steel set image should also prompt some incredulous reactions, seeing how it appears to feature Harry Lennix in a motion-capture outfit as well. Just look for yourself:


Does this mean Lennix’s General Swanwick is actually a surviving Kryptonian? Or that he gets ahold of Zod’s suit (which, as /Film has speculated, may resemble Jim Lee’s portrayal of the character) at some point? The latter scenario is all the more questionable, since Lennix – or someone who looks a lot like him – isn’t wearing a mo-cap band around his head, like Shannon (or his stunt double) as Zod is, in the previous image. Could it be some version of the Metallo armor suit, as featured in Superman: Secret Origin?

superman vs zod Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Will Shannon sport the Zod armor?

superman versus metallo in secret origin Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Will Lennix don the Metallo suit?

Both Christopher and Jonah Nolan were involved with crafting the Man of Steel storyline early on – and those two are known for throwing unexpected twists in the mix – so Snyder throwing us a couple of costume curveballs in Man of Steel is not out of the question.

Man of Steel won’t hit theaters until June 14th, 2013, so there’s plenty of time to speculate/complain about all these tidbits of information – before we get some concrete answers.

Source: Facebook (via Coming Soon and /Film)

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