Man of Steel & The Dark Knight Rises Shooting Details: Catwoman Mask On-Set

Superman Man of Steel Details and Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Mask

It's been a crazy week for high-profile DC properties - well, not including Green Lantern 2 - as Warner Bros. released sneak peek images of both Henry Cavill as the new Man of Steel as well as Catwoman, Anne Hathaway.

In both cases, the releases could be seen as pre-emptive, considering the Catwoman image was officially unveiled hours before set-pics of a Dark Knight Rises stunt-double in full Catwoman garb appeared online - with other public shoots (including an appearance by Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers) scheduled throughout the week. As for the Man of Steel image, director Zack Snyder is also expected to make a few public appearances - with a high-profile shoot today in West Chicago. As a result, expect plenty of on-the-scene fan shots to be unveiled in the coming days.

As we've previously warned, on-set shooting details can provide MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for both The Dark Knight Rises and Superman Man of Steel. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now - you have been WARNED.

Still here? Here we go...

The Dark Knight Rises

Images of a the full souped-up Bane or a masked Catwoman are still in short supply but one body-double may have put to rest any question as to whether or not Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman.

Check out the image below (courtesy of EyePrime via CMB) with an understated Catwoman mask in-hand. The mask looks pretty fitted, looking closely you can see its three-dimensional shape around the right side of the paper - and will probably be pretty subtle (though, it's certainly possible Catwoman will have a more-complicated disguise by the end of the film):

While it might be obvious to some readers that Hathaway would be taking-on the iconic cat burglar, some Bat-fans, following the shot of Hathaway on the Batpod, have been speculating that director Christopher Nolan was throwing audiences a curve-ball - and that Hathaway would be, instead, portraying Batwoman. Given the kitty-cat mask in the stunt-double's hand, it's pretty safe to say that, even though we've yet to see a masked Hathaway - Selina Kyle will appear in full Dark Knight Rises Catwoman garb.

As for what's next for the caped-crusader - and his film crew. Pittsburgh Steeler, Ben Roethlisberger, recently let the Cat(woman) out of the bag - announcing that he (as well as the rest of the team) will be involved in a shoot today at Heinz Field:

"I heard it's going to be a neat thing at the stadium. I don't think it will be a big part, it's not like we're chasing Batman down or anything. It's something neat that in 10 years or 20 years we can tell our kids we were in a movie. Thomas does movies big and I'm sure it will be a big-time movie and something fun to be part of. From what I've heard, it's going to be like a pre-game, warming-up type thing. I don't know the whole concept. There's a Gotham team, a football game. We'll be wearing uniforms. It will be fun."

No doubt it'll be interesting to see the team decked-out in Gotham Rogues gear - though, it's hard to imagine that this particular shot will feature any in-costumed hero or villain action. It's much more likely to be the backdrop for a character-scene involving Bruce Wayne.


Superman Man of Steel

Given that Zack Snyder's Superman reboot was bumped to 2013, there'll be plenty of time for leaked shots of Henry Cavill as well as Michael Shannon (playing Zod) on-set to appear online. However, no doubt some fans have already hopped on a plane (or is it a bird?) en route to Plano, a West Chicago town where Snyder will be filming throughout August.

The director is expected to get started today and rumors suggest that a tornado will rip through downtown Plano - but details on what will be shot are being kept under lock and key.

According to Deputy Clerk Kathy Miller:

“Its mostly just businesses, there’s a machine shop, a pizza place, an attorney’s office. It’s the downtown area, there’s no residential in that stretch.”

The same stretch of land will be closed later in the month (August 15th from noon to 8 p.m. and from August 22nd through August 28th from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m).

kurt johnstad superman man of steel script

The street closures were first reported on Triblocal but the "tornado" information has yet to be officially corroborated. The rumor first cropped-up two weeks ago when ComicBookMovie reported that casting directors were hiring extras for a tornado scene. Time will tell whether or not the Man of Steel has to deal with a force of nature or something otherworldly (like an out of control Kryptonian). Given the amount of secrecy around the production, code-named "Autumn Frost," it's certainly possible that the casting directors used "tornado" as a way of describing the tone of the set-piece - and the actual scene could be revealed, on set, to be a meteor crash or larger battle.

Again, if everything goes according to plan today in Plano - we may soon have a better idea of what went down - as well as how the scene fits into the Man of Steel plot. We'll keep you posted as we hear (and see) more.


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The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

Superman: Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

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