Edgar Ramirez Being Eyed for Man of Steel Villain?

A few days ago, director Zack Snyder put at least one rumor to rest regarding his upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel. He insisted that Viggo Mortensen would not appear in the film as General Zod, but didn't deny the inclusion of the character altogether. So for now it looks as if we're back to square one with our speculation over who is best suited for the role - or if another villain should be utilized instead.

As is often the case with high-profile projects like Superman: Man of Steel, just as one rumor is debunked, several more pop up to take its place. Immediately after Mortensen was officially out of the running, there were whispers that Snyder might be reaching out to his 300 star Gerard Butler for the role of Zod. There also seemed to be a renewed interest in the (extremely unlikely) possibility of Daniel Day-Lewis playing the part.

The recent casting of Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan & Martha Kent was straightforward enough, but when it comes to the villain in Superman: Man of Steel - things have been substantially less reliable. Despite all of the misinformation that's out there, Latino Review managed to dig up a pretty interesting scoop from one of their sources.

The reputation of that site is extremely solid (especially when it comes to breaking stories), but they're still urging everyone to take this as nothing more than a RUMOR for the time being. Evidently,Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez is being considered for one of the villains in the film:

From what I’m told, I’m hearing that Edgar Ramirez who by the way killed it in the 5 hour CARLOS miniseries (can’t wait for the Criterion blu ray) is supposedly being eyed for a villain role in Zack Snyder’s Superman film.

Now at press time, I don’t know if it’s for General Zod or another villain role. The secrecy surrounding this project is that tight. I also don’t personally know if Edgar auditioned, or his name is simply being tossed around, or the producers have gotten into it with Edgar’s reps.

LR goes on to speculate that Ramirez's involvement with Wrath of the Titans wouldn't hurt his chances of nabbing the villainous Man of Steel role since both films are being made at Warner Bros. He may not be as established as some of the other names being tossed around, but Ramirez has done solid work in The Bourne Ultimatum, Vantage Point, and the Che: Part One.

Zod and Faora/Ursa in Superman: Man of Steel

However, I suppose that a villain doesn't necessarily mean the villain. If the character of Ursa does indeed appear in the film, perhaps Zod's other accomplice, Non, will as well? I'm not saying that Ramirez wouldn't work as Zod, just noting that there are other possibilities.

I know many fans are still keeping their fingers crossed that these reports are all wrong and that Superman will square off against an adversary we've never seen on film before. Honestly, I was disappointed myself when the Zod rumors began to emerge - but at this point, all of these casting rumors and allusions to a huge Kyptonian mythology seem to suggest that it's a very real possibility.

Regardless of who the villain in the film turns out to be, we've already been assured that this Superman will be far more combative and physical than previous cinematic incarnations. If Snyder makes good on his intentions to center the story around the emotional reality of the character, then perhaps we should have faith that the film's villain was chosen for a very specific reason.

Superman: Man of Steel is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2012.

Source: Latino Review.

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