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The excitement over the new action-packed trailer for Man of Steel has yet to die down, but more plot information and spoilers have already arrived. We went into some speculation and theorizing with our own Man of Steel trailer analysis, and new comments from director Zack Snyder and others in the crew confirm our suspicions are accurate.

From Kryptonian wildlife to General Zod's machines of war, the newest details fall squarely in the SPOILER category, so read no farther if the finer points of the trailer are mysteries you'd rather leave unsolved.

Besides proving that Zack Snyder had been keeping the more fantastic action of Man of Steel under wraps, the most recent trailer raised plenty of eyebrows concerning Superman's Fortress of Solitude, Zod's mechanized leviathan, civil war on Krypton, and even a quick confirmation that LexCorp - the company led by Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor - would be referenced in the film.

Man of Steel Trailer Kryptonian Ship

Speaking in an interview with EW, Snyder, screenwriter David S. Goyer and other crew members were willing to put a few of the more pertinent questions to rest. They won't come as a massive surprise to anyone who read through our theories though, since we hit fairly close to the mark with the evidence supplied so far.

First things first: yes, the Fortress of Solitude seen encased in ice is a long-dormant Kryptonian spaceship. As part of David S. Goyer's intentions of writing Man of Steel as if it were a real tale of mankind's first alien contact, Kal-El (Henry Cavill) isn't the first individual ever to make the journey from Krypton to Earth. It was clear from the first teaser trailers that Jor-El (Russell Crowe) knew plenty about Earth and its people, which is now confirmed.

Goyer goes on to explain why he felt this story, preceding the events of Superman's arrival, and a realistic reaction to irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life, needed to be shown on screen:

“Even if he didn’t have superpowers it would literally be the biggest story that ever happened in human history. It would change the face of the Earth forever. Just his existence would...I think it was in one of the Donner films — which I adore — but I think there’s a moment where Lois Lane is interviewing Clark and says, ‘So you’re from Krypton, huh?’ and he says ‘Yeah,’ and then they just kind of drop it. He just said he’s from an alien world! And everybody just accepts it. I just thought the idea that we would treat [Man of Steel] as a first contact story was in a strange way it was kind of a big idea because everything sort of follows from that. So that was one of the Eureka Moments.”

Man of Steel Trailer Black Zero Ship

As further proof of Kryptonian ingenuity, producer Deborah Snyder explains that the long-legged, organic/mechanical construct seen snapping at an underwater Superman isn't a living creature, but General Zod's ship, Black Zero. Described as a retro-fitted prison ship, it seems to be the same machine unleashing a beam of destruction in downtown Metropolis - we have to wonder: what else can it do?

Besides promising some impressive special effects across vast spaces (how did Superman move it from Metropolis to water?) the description of Black Zero as a former prison ship may help explain Zod (Michael Shannon) surviving Krypton's destruction. The trailer also shows he and his fellow soldiers in chains, meaning he may have been one of the few to survive in an off-planet penitentiary, and therefore one of the few remaining authority figures. That doesn't quite explain his vow of destroying Kal-El, but it's a start.

Man of Steel Full Trailer Spoilers

If the rocky, barren landscape of Krypton seemed less than thriving even before explosions and bombs began scarring its surface, that's not an accident either. Apparently, the majority of Krypton's population lives beneath the surface, only returning to ground level to travel - or attack one another, it would seem.

Getting around isn't easy, which is where the multi-winged flying creatures seen in the trailer come in. The flying animal featured most prominently is Jor-El's, named 'Herocka' (spelling not confirmed), and presumably rescues Jor-El from an incredibly high fall seen in the trailer's climax. How that fits into the events preceding Krypton's destruction is still being kept close to the filmmakers' vests, but animal lovers have another character to look forward to meeting.

The biggest question, though, has got to be the inclusion of the LexCorp building. After Goyer kept hopes of seeing Lex Luthor in Man of Steel alive, and rumors arose of the role already being cast, Snyder still hints that if Lex will be making an appearance, the sequel is the safest bet:

“I really enjoy the character and I really loved shooting this movie about him. And whatever happens as we go ahead, I’m not exhausted by Superman. I’m knocking on wood. I’m not going to try to say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to make another movie!’ because I don’t want to jinx anything.”

We can understand Snyder's hesitance, but given the excitement already building over Man of Steel - and the claims that it will set up a DC shared universe - we'd bet a sequel is already in the early stages of development.

In other news, Yahoo has released a brand new still from the film in honor of Superman's 75th birthday. It isn't too dissimilar from the image previously released, but isn't any less impressive. Have a look:


Superman Man of Steel Birthday Still

Which of these confirmed plot twists seems most intriguing to you? Do you agree that a 'first contact' story should serve as the backbone to the film, or are there some elements of the mythology that you're upset to see modified?

Make sure to check out our Man of Steel Trailer Analysis, Part 2 for potential answers to questions that Snyder and company did not address in the EW interview.


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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Source: EW, Yahoo

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