Man of Steel Trailer Analysis: What Did We Learn?

We've been holding our breath for the first full-length trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, and boy was it worth the suspense. The trailer may have shown Kal-El's new Superman suit in greater detail, the level of special effects fans have to look forward to, and the kinds of carnage General Zod will unleash on Earth. Still, for many, the trailer will be too brief.

We thought we'd slow things down and point out a few interesting details that some giddy viewers may have missed, and the apparent plot hints that stand out to our viewing eyes. Needless to say, those not interested in potential SPOILERS should cease reading now.

Man of Steel could - and will - still surprise us, but we can nonetheless guess how some of these scenes and action set pieces play out in the movie.

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Man of Steel Trailer Analysis: What Did We Learn?