Despite the fact that we’ve seen a multitude of set photos from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, we know relatively little about the overall plot aside from “Superman origin story + Superman VS. General Zod” (and a scant few other details).

That might be starting to change, if a recent report  about the film’s climax is to be believed. Two things to keep in mind before reading ahead: 1) Take this information with a semi-truck-sized grain of salt until official confirmation comes along. 2) MAJOR  POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD.

Still here? Okay, then.

From Cosmic Book News:

  • The climax of the film involves a fight between Superman, Zod, and Faora (shocker!).
  • This fight occurs after Zod learns that Superman’s human name is Clark Kent and attacks the Kent farm.
  • After the attack, Superman is very angry, hence the fight between Superman, Zod, and Faora at the end of the film; Zod and Faora have basically destroyed the US Armed Forces at this point.
  • Christopher Meloni’s character, Colonel Hardy, hates Superman.

While most of this jibes well enough with the set images we’ve seen of Man of Steel, it’s also worth noting that any Superman fan who has been following this project could’ve guessed the above. Of course Superman, Zod, and his second-in-comand are going to duke it out at the end of the film. Of course Colonel Hardy’s going to hate Superman. Army officers always hate superheroes in these stories! Et cetera.

Frankly, this particular Screen Rant writer hopes that there’s a little more to Man of Steel‘s story than just good guy versus bad guy. Not that watching two superpowered powerhouses beat the hell out of each other won’t be enjoyable — especially for a franchise like Superman that has sorely been lacking in this department — but there’s no reason we can’t have “interesting” and “action-packed” in the same film, right?

Then again, the bulleted details are very vague, so the description leaves a lot of room for interesting, as well. And, if the final scenes of the animated feature Superman/Batman: Apocalypse are any indication, a Superman slugfest across the wide open fields of Smallville is a pretty sweet thing to see onscreen.

Are you guys looking forward to Man of Steel? Let us know in the comments.

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Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: Cosmic Book News

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