Superman & Lois Lane's Marriage Headed For Trouble?

Warning: SPOILERS through The Man of Steel #2

The second issue of the Superman mini-series The Man of Steel reveals that Lois Lane has mysteriously disappeared, and her colleagues at The Daily Planet suspect she has left her husband, Clark Kent. Whatever the truth of the matter, Clark is staying mum on the subject, even to his closest friends in the Justice League.

The mystery of Lois' disappearance is one of the many subplots running through The Man of Steel. The latest issue reveals that Robinson Goode - a new reporter hired by The Daily Planet - has an unusual interest in Clark Kent and Lois's disappearance. Whatever happened to Lois, her private office is now vacant and various employees are trying to lay claim to it, much to the annoyance of Editor-In-Chief Perry White.

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This turn of events is odd, considering the conclusion of The Man of Steel #1. The issue ended with Clark Kent and Lois Lane at home with their son, Jonathan. The three were having a conversation when some manner of blinding light washed over them, as the final panel of the issue faded to white. This issue shows a little bit more of the scene, with some glowing object manifesting in the apartment and Clark apparently pushing it to the moon in an effort to save his family.

Daily Planet Office in Man of Steel #2

Precisely what happened next has yet to be explained and Clark evades the question of Lois' disappearance when confronted on it by Trish Q, The Daily Planet's gossip columnist. He's also reluctant to talk about it to Green Lantern, who offers him a willing ear after asking if there was a reason why he skipped The Justice League's weekly meeting. Doubtlessly an explanation will come in time, but for now it's open season on guesses regarding the state of Superman's love life.

Lois Lane has been a friendly adversary to Clark Kent since the very beginning, inspired in equal part by real-world journalist Nellie Bly and the fictional film-reporter character Torchy Blane. Though her character suffered through a series of increasingly ridiculous stories centering around her efforts to discover Superman's secret identity or trick him into marrying her in The Silver Age of Comics, more recent writers have restored Lois to her original strong self.

She finally learned of Clark Kent's secret identity in the 1990s, with the two marrying shortly afterward. Lois and Superman even survived the rebooting of DC's New 52, living on in secret and raising their son, Jonathan. The return of the happy, healthy Kent Family to the spotlight embodied the "love and legacy" themes of the recent DC Rebirth, so fans will surely have some strong opinions on this possible separation. Especially if it's the change to status quo on which writer Brian Michael Bendis has decided to launch his time with DC's Superman books.

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The Man of Steel #2 is now available from DC Comics.

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