Man of Steel's Amy Adams Won't Confirm Lois Lane Role in Sequel

'Man of Steel's' Lois Lane (Amy Adams) isn't signed on for any sequels - implying that WB and DC aren't getting in over their heads just yet.

Amy Adams Man of Steel Sequel

For those who haven't been keeping track, Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel is carrying weight on its shoulders that only the Last Son of Krypton himself would be capable of bearing. Not just in terms of doing justice to Superman, but possibly legitimizing DC's hopes for a shared movie universe come Justice League.

In a recent interview, Amy Adams refused to confirm that her incarnation of Lois Lane would be seen again; either she's playing particularly coy, or Warner Bros. is taking things even slower than we had thought.

The average moviegoer might see the chance to portray one of DC Comics' most iconic characters as too good to pass up - but then, Adams isn't hurting for attention. Coming off a strong performance in P.T. Anderson's The Master, and co-starring alongside Clint Eastwood in Trouble with the Curve (all in the same week!) it's safe to say that doors are continuing to open for Adams.

Moving from an ethereal 'true believer' to a plucky Metropolis reporter, Adams is going to have yet another opportunity to shine - even being amidst one of the most established casts in a comic book movie since Batman Begins. This variety in roles was alluded to during an interview with Digital Spy, leading to a question of whether Adams was ready to add a blockbuster franchise to her resume.

Amy Adams Lois Lane Man of Steel Sequel

While claiming to have gotten just as excited as fans when the first Man of Steel trailer arrived, details were far less forthcoming when it came to how large her role would be in a new origin story, and if she has already signed on for potential sequels:

"You know what, I can tell you what the script was. I haven't seen the film, I've only seen what everyone else has. I have no idea how it'll all be presented. It's all top secret!

"I would be more than happy to jump onto a sequel but you've got to, what's the saying, don't put the cart before the horse? Don't count your chickens before they hatch. I always take things one day at a time."

It seems that even though the inside scoops on Man of Steel have shown serious promise, equating the new Superman reboot with Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Warner Bros. isn't jumping the gun. Some might misconstrue that as hesitation, but it could also be the kind of patience that we'd hope the studio would exhibit after the marketing press for Green Lantern (we all know how that one ended up); the same kind of patience that would help Justice League live up to its potential.

When you've got the kind of talent on hand as Zack Snyder, it's also not guaranteed that they'll all be eager to sign extensive contracts. More than any other superhero movie currently in production, Man of Steel holds the most award-winning cast, adding even more pressure to do their work justice. Particularly when your Lois Lane is one of the most respected young actresses in the industry.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

It's nothing new for the actress playing Lois Lane to be more well-known than the man in tights, but with three Academy Award nominations under Amy Adams' belt, comic book fans should be in for a treat. Henry Cavill is experienced in his own right, but there's no denying that the pressures of playing Superman will have a larger impact on Cavill than the rest of his colleagues.

With so much at stake, we can't help but think Warner Bros. and DC are wise to not get in over their head. What's your opinion? Think Adams is just keeping a level head, or is the studio truly unwilling to plan long term for the franchise just yet?

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.


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Source: Digital Spy

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