Justice League Fan Art Teases Mullet Superman Reborn

Superman Long Hair Justice League Fan Art

NOTE: This article contains SPOILERS for Batman V Superman


You can take the Man of Steel out of a fight - provided you're an alien juggernaut from another world whose name rhymes with "Shmoomsday" - but even then, it's only a matter of time until DC Comics' biggest star returns to a chorus of fan cheers and villain tears. But even with the "Death and Return of Superman" comic event standing unparalleled in the modern pantheon of Superman stories, few fans actually expected to see Doomsday arrive in Batman V Superman, and perform his most famous task of killing the un-killable hero (himself dying in the process). But that's just what happened.

Obviously, even director Zack Snyder knew that the fans would know his return would be imminent, as it was in the comics, choosing to end Batman v Superman with a shot of hovering soil over Clark Kent's coffin. It clued casual viewers in on the fact that his death wasn't all it seemed, and immediately had diehard fans wondering if Zack Snyder would actually seek to recreate the return of Superman in his Justice League epic. And if he did, would it be just as close to the comics, black 'recovery' suit and shoulder-length hair included?

We can't answer that just yet, but thanks to one considerate artist, fans no longer need to wonder what actor Henry Cavill would look like in the costume and hairstyle. We can't say that a mullet is ever advisable on a blockbuster superhero, but with George Evangelista's creation showing off a grizzled, resurrected Superman meeting back up with the other two-thirds of DC's Trinity, most fans would probably be open to the idea. Take a look:

Superman Mullet Justice League Fan Art

As far as fan art goes, it's hard to hope for anything better than what's shown above, depicting some serious growth (and thankfully, Krpytonian hair still grows as quickly compared to beards as in the original comic story). It's still impossible to tell just what Snyder has in store for the return of Superman, but judging by his track record, it will be a sequence viewers won't soon forget, one way or another. And to be honest, the fact that Clark Kent is truly buried in a box at the film's end throws a serious wrench into the comic book methods for his resurrection.

We've broken down some of the many ways his return may occur (possibly months after his death), but even in the original comics, the hop from grave to 'Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix' was a little tricky for fans to swallow. On film, it may be even harder - but would fans accept the idea that Superman could simply heal, given enough time and yellow sun radiation? Would they be more or less willing to accept it if he was sporting a truly breathtaking head of hair? Those are the operative questions for Snyder's camp, and we'd like to think the the above artwork will have them seriously considering the gains and losses that come with a Super-mullet.

What do you think of the look? Would a bearded, long-haired Superman torn right from the comics be a welcome change for live-action, or do you prefer Superman to show up just as he left?

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