Superman & Lois Casting Two Major Roles (Possibly Superboy & Robin)

The CW's Superman and Lois series might be bringing in the Super-Sons as casting is underway for two series regulars who may be Superboy and Robin.

The CW's Superman and Lois spinoff has already begun casting and based on the Arrowverse audition call, major DC characters Superboy and Robin may be on their way. The Arrowverse is getting ready for Crisis on Infinite Earths, which will start the next generation for Greg Berlanti's DC TV franchise. The CW is already leaning into that as they are developing two new spin-offs. Green Arrow and the Canaries will keep the Arrow-side of the Arrwoverse alive through the three female vigilantes. The other spin-off is centered on Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch's Superman and Lois Lane as they get larger roles in the ever-growing shared universe.

The series is being pitched as following the adventures of the Man of Steel and the iconic Daily Planet reporter tackling parenthood. Their new child is debuting in the crossover with speculations pointing towards it being Jon Kent aka Superboy. The five-hour event won't serve as a backdoor pilot, but will presumably lay some groundwork for the new Superman series. Former The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing is helming the project as writer and executive producer along with Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Geoff Johns. With Superman and Lois aiming to film next spring, casting is already underway for new main characters.

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Casting director David Rapaport, who has cast every Arrowverse show (excluding Black Lightning) and other Berlanti-DC shows, revealed that casting is looking for young actors to play two teenage characters. "Matthew" and "Ethan," likely to hide their real identities, will appear as series regulars. "Matthew's" description lines up with Jon most likely being one of the main roles. Based on the breakdown information for "Ethan," it matches The GWW's report suggesting that Damian Wayne aka. Robin could be the other character. While the Damian theory hasn't been confirmed by Warner Bros. or The CW, the possibility does exist.

The likelihood of "Matthew" being Jon Kent is, however, a lot stronger as the character has grown a big following since his debut in DC Comics. Should Damian be "Ethan," it raises the question about Bruce Wayne's involvement. With the Dark Knight's current absence in the Arrowverse, introducing his son as a big character without Batman's involvement could be too much of a reach. Since the debut of Batwoman, it still hasn't been established why Bruce is missing. If Damian is what caused Batman to leave Gotham, Superman and Lois would have to justify Bruce's absence while his son engages with the Kent-Lane family regularly.

In the scenario that "Ethan" isn't Damian, there are other potential candidates. Characters like Conner Kent or Chris Kent (General Zod's son) could easily fit the profile of "Ethan." The idea of Clark, who was adopted by the Kents, also having an adoptive son would be a compelling story coming full circle. There's also the theory of Jon possibly being aged up for the spin-off to take into account. With the crossover arriving shortly, viewers will soon know a bit more what to expect from Superman and Lois.

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Source: David Rapaport, The GWW

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