More Superman Lives Test Footage Revealed Online

New test footage of the regeneration suit from Superman Lives has been revealed. Superman Lives is one of the most famous unmade comic book movies of all time, with Tim Burton hired to direct and Nicolas Cage set to play the lead role. The story would have found Superman feeling out of place among humanity and having to face off against Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and Doomsday.

The story would have been partially inspired by The Death Of Superman comic arc, with the hero being slain by Doomsday during the story, but later being brought back to life by a regenerative suit. The project was massive in scope, which is what ultimately doomed it. The projected budget was too rich for Warner Bros blood, who at the time were coming off the back of a string of box-office duds. While the movie didn't work out, Cage recently got to fulfil his wish to play Superman by voicing the character in animated movie Teen Titans GO! To The Movies.

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Over the years various pieces of concept art and costume tests have been revealed for the unmade project, which led to a feature-length documentary dubbed The Life And Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? Now special FX artist Steve Johnson has revealed some of his work for the movie to Dread Central, including a video showing off new test footage of Superman's regeneration costume. Be sure to check out more of Johnson's artwork on the site.

Superman Lives either would have been one of the most unique superhero movies ever made, or a complete folly. The cult around it began to grow when Kevin Smith started recounting his time writing the script, and his encounters with producer Jon Peters. The veteran producer's script demands became more and more outlandish during development, including his insistence Superman fight a giant spider in the third act and forcing Smith to write a scene where Brainiac fights a polar bear for no real reason.

Cage himself has since said Superman Lives is "more powerful" because it wasn't made, allowing it to live in people's imaginations instead. Meanwhile, DCEU's current Superman Henry Cavill currently has one movie left on his contract, and he's eager for that project to be Man Of Steel 2. Rumors also suggest Warner Bros wants to extend his deal, and make Superman a Nick Fury-style connecting character for their DC movie universe.

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Source: Dread Central

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