Ken Jeong Ready to Replace Henry Cavill as Superman

Ken Jeong in Community

Ken Jeong has voiced his opinion on who should replace Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU: Himself. Reports have been furiously back and forth over the last week regarding Cavill's place within the franchise. THR was the first to reveal that he was done with the role. The news, however, has seemingly been refuted by Cavill's agent and by the Mission: Impossible - Fallout actor himself, in a vague Instagram post. Even Warner Bros. was quick to shoot down the rumors, revealing that no decisions have been made regarding the character.

Either way, Cavill's recent casting as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's upcoming adaptation of The Witcher has only served to fuel speculation. He first soared onto screens back in 2013's Man of Steel. The film was the first installment of Zack Snyder's planned series of films and DC's shared universe overall. He later reprised the character in the much-maligned Batman V Superman and the highly divisive Justice League. As such, Man of Steel remains one of the most successful films of the entire franchise. Equally, Cavill remains one of its most popular elements, with a vocal fanbase believing he just hasn't been given the right material through which to shine. Whether or not the whole thing is, as some people believe, a mere negotiation tactic remains up for debate. As things stand, however, the latest reports label the situation as simply an "invented conflict".

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Regardless of how things turn out, Jeong took to Twitter to personally put himself forward as a potential replacement. The Crazy Rich Asians star crudely superimposed his head on Cavill's body in an image direct from Batman V Superman's infamous courtroom scene. The post has since racked up over 16,000 likes and led to much support from his fans. Check it out below:

Cavill was, for a long time, believed to have a cameo appearance in Shazam! Whilst one was apparently planned out, it would seem scheduling conflicts made that impossible. The news that there are no plans for the character as of yet also rules out the idea that he could pop up in the Wonder Woman sequel or even the in-development Supergirl movie. As such, fans will simply have to hold onto the hope that they will eventually get a Man of Steel 2.

Should there ultimately be a casting change, Jeong would certainly be a unique choice to take over the role. Until now his work has mostly revolved around comedies, having starred in such series as Community and featured in such movies as Role Models and the Hangover trilogy. As such, his casting as Superman would understandably lead to fears of the character and franchise descending into parody. Then again, though the post was no doubt in jest, he wouldn't exactly be the first actor known predominantly for comedy to surprise audiences by taking on more dramatic parts.

In a height and muscular sense, Jeong, unlike Cavill, isn't what many would expect from Superman. In the era of de-aging actors and motion-capture altering whole appearances in every other superhero movie, though, that would hardly be a problem. The concept of an Asian Superman, however, would no doubt spur furious debate amongst fans. Whilst many would be happy to see more diversity in such widely recognized characters, believing the idea of "the best person for the job" should overlook race, there would be an equal amount rabidly demanding accuracy to the source material. As such, it's unlikely that Warner Bros. would go this route and provoke that kind of controversy. Still, the idea of the inimitable Jeong flying about Metropolis as a Crazy Rich Superman is a fun one to ponder.

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Source: Ken Jeong/Twitter

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