Comic fans around the world are abuzz with anticipation of the new Justice League movie. As one of the premier titles in all of comics, Justice League has a lot of hype and even more expectations surrounding it.

The excitement reached maximum capacity with the newest trailer being conspicuously absent of Superman. Fans everywhere believe this means they are saving the highly anticipated black suit reveal for the movie itself.

The suit is not known to most casual fans since Superman usually tends to sport his traditional suit most of the time. This leaves many fans wonder wondering: what exactly is this new outfit for? Could it be a reflection of a new edgy attitude, or simply a new look for a younger crowd?

Director Zack Snyder has taken liberties with the comic continuity in the DC films thus far, making it hard to say exactly what the arrival of the black suit means, so we have compiled a list of facts and possibilities.

Here are the 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Superman’s Black Suit.

15. It Absorbs Sunlight At An Accelerated Rate

Superman black suit Superman: 15 Things You Didnt Know About The Black Suit

Superman, like all Kryptonians, receives his power from a yellow sun, such as the one in our solar system. His body acts similar to a battery, absorbing yellow sunlight to power himself to the god-like levels we know him for.

The black suit is able to harness this Kryptonian ability and take it up several notches, absorbing and converting yellow sunlight at a rate much faster than what naturally occurs for Superman.

Combined with his natural traits, Superman in the black suit is a super battery with a majorly upgraded storage tank. One might think this means that Superman will come back stronger than ever, but they would be mistaken. Although the black suit can absorb more sunlight, unfortunately, its purpose is not to help him kick more butt…

14. It Isn’t Meant For Battle, But For Healing

Black Suit Superman Justice League Cavill Superman: 15 Things You Didnt Know About The Black Suit

After Superman’s epic battle with the mighty Doomsday, he was completely drained of all his power and energy and was seemingly dead. When the Man of Steel returned, though, he was wearing a new black suit and looked as healthy as ever.

It turns out that this wasn’t a new means of combat or protection, but, instead, the black suit acts as a kind of incubator for severely injured Kryptonians. So, unfortunately, the ability to absorb more sunlight does not translate to him being able to actually wield more power than he already can.

Clark needed this suit if he had any hope of returning; that, and his original suit was torn to shreds in the Doomsday fight. Something is strange about it, though, as he was healing at his Fortress of Solitude, the suit was there the whole time, which possibly means something else…