Jon Hamm Mocks Middle-Aged Superman on 'Conan'

Jon Hamm as Clark Kent in Superman reboot

Conan O'Brien continued premiering his new TBS late night talk show, Conan, last night, and one of the guests in attendance was none other than Mad Men's Jon Hamm.

Aside from Hamm being famous for playing suave ad man Donal Draper, or Liz Lemon's hook-handed ex-beau on 30 Rock, Hamm's name has also recently been a focus of the blogosphere, in connection to the lead role of Superman in Zack Snyder's upcoming film The Man of Steel, which is being produced by Chris Nolan.

While on Conan, Hamm was asked by the late night host what he thought about fans nominating him for the role of Superman/Clark Kent, and Hamm's response was clearly at wink to those who've voiced the opinion that the actor is too old to play the most powerful superhero in the world.

The video clip of Hamm's appearance on Conan is about 8:00 long - the talk about his candidacy for the Superman role starts up at about the 6:30 mark:

Hamm's a been a good sport about this whole thing - pretty much letting the hot air of Superman rumor-mongering blow past him without getting involved. It's nice to see that he has a good sense of humor about the negative end of the opinion spectrum - and despite recent rumors that DC/Warner Bros. is looking for Middle-aged Supermen, Hamm doesn't appear to have any real burning, egotistical desire to own the Superman role. I guess playing a ladykiller who gets drunk and laid every day is sufficient enough.

Anyway, the rumor mill has kind of taken its spotlight off of Jon Hamm in recent weeks - the new focus is True Blood star Joe Manganiello possibly playing Superman. I'll admit I was one of those fans who was on "Team Hamm," but maybe there's still hope down the line for him (and some other key aging leading men) to play the DC superheroes we know in love in a different form...say a Kingdom Come or Dark Knight Returns movie?

The Man of Steel is due in theaters during the Holiday season of 2012. Stay tuned, as we'll probably find out who is playing the new Superman fairly soon.

BONUS: If you haven't been watching, check out this skit from a recent episode of Conan (which airs 11pm weeknights on TBS). It's pretty funny.

Source: TBS

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