The Future Superman Has Been Revealed By DC Comics

DC's Future Superman Finally Revealed

The Kryptonian who strolls out of the door has apparently spent the last decade analyzing each of a billion different outcomes, though only moments have passed for those not existing beyond time, in the Third Dimension (a notion that seems to weird out all of the heroes, except for the visibly bored Flash). But all fans are going to want to talk about is the now older, now more conscious, and hopefully more enlightened Superman explaining these developments.

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The massive 'S' on his chest is fortunate, since it would be hard to recognize Superman without it. Fans have seen a future, bearded Superman before, but the white hair, white robes, and golden headpiece seem more befitting a demigod from another world than Clark Kent. Or, to be fair, a version of Superman hailing from a future in which he evolves to a higher dimension of knowledge and understanding.

Despite the differences or likelihood of deception, Martian Manhunter informs the rest of the Justice League that this really is their Superman, as best as he can tell. Whether or not this older, greyer Man of Steel seems like the real deal, Batman is a bit apprehensive when invited to make the same journey he has.

Leaving Mera and Starman behind to watch over the world as they follow their friend, the Justice League heroes enter through the same portal Supes used to ascend himself (now modified to allow their mortal bodies to make the trip). But what they find beyond the limits of their own dimension isn't what anyone - including the readers - are going to expect.

The Justice League of The Future Revealed, Too?

Instead of seeing completely impossible-to-comprehend visions of reality, the League is met with a familiar sight: their own Hall of Justice, although set against the backdrop of what looks to be an idyllic vision of the future. And to top it all off, they're met with their own future selves, similarly 'evolved' to a new form. John Stewart, the Gren Lantern now a gleaming, omni-Lantern as he was always capable of being. The Flash, possibly occupying more than one form surrounded by Speed Force electricity. Wonder Woman similarly aged and refined in dress. J'onn and Kendra hand in hand, with what may be a child in the other.

And Batman... in a black cloak (oddly still on-brand for the Dark Knight). As Superman immediately explains - without explaining to the reader at all - he hasn't just seen the future where the heroes of Earth manage to defeat the coming threats and win the day. He may actually have been living there. But what that means for his previous self, or these other doppelgangers are questions that will only be asked in the next issue. For now, fans can remain in awe... and hope this sight of the future is truly the one DC's Earth is destined to become.

Justice League #19 is available at your local comic book store, or directly from DC Comics.

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