The Future Superman Has Been Revealed By DC Comics

Warning: SPOILERS for Justice League #19

If Superman fans ever wondered how much wiser, more powerful, or how bearded the future Man of Steel would one day become, then wonder no more. DC has revealed the evolved Superman of Tomorrow... and he is glorious.

It should go without saying that the canonical, "official" Superman living decades, centuries, even millennia into DC's future is always subject to change. And the better the story, the more imaginative the Man of Steel. What if Superman had to kill Batman in a future gone wrong? What if Superman was truly immortal? All worth seeing in the flesh, but the latest version promises something greater, something more... wondrous to behold.

Thanks to Justice League #19 breaking the wall between this dimension and the ones above, fans can see who Superman will become - in the future where the heroes finally won.

Superman Enters the Sixth Dimension

We won't dive into the entire story of the current Justice League comic series thus far, since the reveal of the true creator of DC's reality, the goddess Perpetua, is a lot to process. All casual fans need to know is that the Justice League needs more help than their dimension can offer - leaving them with Superman's classic nemesis, Mr. Mxyzptlk, a being of the imagination-fueled Fifth Dimension. He's willing to help, too, by granting Superman access to the Sixth Dimension above his own.

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Even Mxy isn't sure just what can be found in that Sixth and, presumably, final dimension. As he briefly describes to the rest of the Justice League, the universe they know is part of the Third Dimension. The Fourth is time, and the Fifth is how own, created and shaped by imagination. But the Sixth? That's effectively the doorway out of DC's reality, and into the spaces inhabited only by the select forgers of reality itself (The Monitor, The Anti-Monitor, and Perpetua before her imprisonment).

The Future Superman Returns in Seconds

Since Mxyzptlk exists outside the confines of time, he reveals that this terrible crisis, and the League's request of his help was all foreseen by him long, long before today. And to prepare - he claims - he has messed with Superman in order to imbue him with enough Fifth Dimensional energy to actually survive a trip into the Sixth Dimension (where even Mxy doesn't dare travel). Seeing no other option, the League has no choice but to watch as Superman walks out of their own plane of existence, and into a higher one. Well, one two levels higher, actually.

Superman is only gone for a few seconds to their senses. But the hero who comes back through the door to meet his friends, having developed a solution through means and trials they can't yet comprehend, is the Superman of Tomorrow as he's never been imagined before...

Here's your last warning to read the issue for yourselves, before SPOILERS strike.

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