Superman Is Free Of Brandon Routh

We live in the digital age, Hollywood, and news spreads at fiber-optic speeds (that's faster than wildfire, FYI). So when actor Brandon Routh recently told Brazilian movie site Omelete that he no longer knew WHERE Warner Bros. was at with the next Superman film, it didn't matter that the comment wasn't reported in English; and when Routh added that his contract to play Supes is now officially expired, he could've been writing the words down in the dirt in a lost dialect of Sanscrit and the blogosphere STILL would've found out!

Because I (and I am certainly not alone) feel strongly about this Routh-as-Supes issue. And I have sworn my allegiance to a team. And like teams Angelina vs. Jen in the great Pitt feud before us, there have since been two warring schools of the Superman order: Team Routh vs. Team Anybody Else But Routh. Well those on the anti-Routh side (including myself) may have some reason to celebrate.

In all seriousness, this news suggests that Warner Bros. is still no closer to getting the next Superman installment off the ground. It may also be indicative of a death-knell for any possibility of a continuation of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns storyline in the next film. Expect a start-from-scratch reboot for the next Supes movie, people. And don't be shocked if it's an origin story that tries to be the 2000-whenever Batman Begins. But we'll cross that bridge if we ever when we come to it.

For the moment, Brandon Routh is no longer Superman. What do you think about that?

Source: Omelete via ThinkMcFlyThink

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