Rumor Patrol: Superman Director Found & Casting Begins [Updated]

With Batman 3 and a Superman reboot both officially scheduled with release dates in 2012, we expect them both to begin shooting sometime next year. While we already have an actor to play the title hero along with a director for the next Batman installment, we all anxiously await what unfolds for The Man of Steel. The latest rumor points to a director already being selected and casting having already commenced.

Since the beginning of the year we've known that Christopher Nolan would be taking on a bigger role for Warner Bros. as they begin expanding their franchise and introducing other DC characters. He, along with his brother Jonathan and long-time collaborator David S. Goyer would not only be working on a sequel to The Dark Knight, but they'd also be in charge of rebooting the Superman franchise.

Chris Nolan keeps his friends close and we can see that with who he keeps involved both in front of the camera and behind in all of his projects. With that in mind, it's not difficult to believe the latest report from GeekTyrant which further evidences rumors from earlier this year that Jon Nolan (Chris' brother) is the unofficial director of the next Superman and that's in no small part due to his brother producing.

The other side of the report is that casting is already underway to find who will wear the red cape. The rumor continues to explain that Chuck star Zachary Levi has auditioned for the part. This isn't his first time being associated with a major superhero movie as Levi previously turned down a role in Thor in order to shoot Chuck.

[Update: Levi confirms that there's absolutely no truth to his involvement or auditioning for Superman although he'd love the opportunity to jump into a superhero flick and reads the rumors and comments about him. Source: IGN]

Release Dates for Batman 3 and the Superman Reboot

If true, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are likely prepping quickly in order to have another big announcement for Comic-Con 2010 next week. We expect big things from both DC and Marvel from their panel presentations and some of the previously-speculated announcements involve confirmation of The Flash and whether or not WB will build towards the eagerly anticipated Justice League movie.

Superman would mark the directorial debut for Jon Nolan so that's the only question mark. He's worked closely with Chris and will be working together on this project so I have no issues with this possibility.

We were promised at the end of 2009 that this year would see lots of "major announcements" regarding DC movies and we've already seen Batman 3 and Superman confirmed - let's keep the ball rolling at Comic-Con 2010 next week!

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If you're a fan, you also must read our thoughts on how to reboot Superman.

Batman 3 is scheduled to open July 20, 2012 and Superman will debut late 2012 during the holiday season.

Source: GeekTyrant

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