The DCEU Superman Fights Black Adam in Fan Art

Superman and Black Adam - Henry Cavill and Dwayne The Rock Johnson

The longtime rival of Black Adam may be the young magical hero Shazam, but it's a preview of the antihero's battle with Superman that fans are demanding. And with good reason, too: as the one champion in the DC Universe who can step to the Man of Steel and pose a legitimate threat - with both muscles and conviction - it's a showdown fans and fan artists have been dreaming of ever since Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson confirmed he would bring Black Adam to the DCEU. Thanks to some epic fan art, fans can crank their anticipation of a Black Adam/Superman movie fight to a whole new level.

The artwork is the latest in a long line of stellar DCEU concept pieces from online artist Datrinti (via Reddit), depicting the battle of superhuman strength that DC Comics fans can't yet hope to witness on screen. But if anyone was on the fence about Dwayne Johnson's antihero battling the Henry Cavill's Superman, this visual should help them start to get excited.

Take a look:

While the scene may be based on nothing but imagination, it holds true to just about every run-in Superman has had with the hot-headed Black Adam. Taking the standoff to the skies, crackling with lightning, and still reduced to trading personal punches.

We would point out a slight inaccuracy for the sake of parity, since there's little doubt that Dwayne Johnson would physically tower over every person currently cast in the Justice League universe (even beating out Jason Momoa's Aquaman by a single inch). It's a minor detail, but one that drives home just how much of a threat Black Adam will, or could possess simply by stepping into the DCEU - especially if Black Adam's arrival will be a surprise, as Johnson has teased before. Of course, it won't be Adam's muscles that actually make him a substantial threat to even Superman himself.

As DC fans know, all the Kryptonian phyisology in the world doesn't change the fact that when it comes to magic, Superman is as vulnerable as any regular human being. So when Black Adam - or even an enraged Shazam - throws a punch at the big blue Boy Scout... he feels it. It may seem like overkill to be imagining the introduction of another superpowered character who can give Superman a beating, especially so soon after his (expected) battle with the Apokoliptian Steppenwolf in Justice League. But more than the potential blood or bruising, it's the story suggested by this artwork to longtime fans of the comics that seems most promising.

On the surface, there's the spectacle to relish. Adding in the fact that Johnson has been driving home the idea that Black Adam isn't a simple villain, and the question becomes: what could drive a man with such power to blows with Superman? Is it Adam who's in the wrong, who has lost perspective on what's right and wrong, or has Superman? It may seem like a fight between DC's mascot and a black-suited version with all his powers, but as it's usually appeared in the comics, it's truly a conflict of ideas. New World vs. Old World. East vs. West. Savior vs. Champion. The list goes on and on.

Whether or not Black Adam and Superman will ever actually fight on-screen, or even appear together is still anyone's guess. Especially now that Shazam is the film in pre-production when it once seemed that Black Adam had the head start. Johnson is still teasing a possible director for Black Adam, though, so his DCEU debut could come sooner rather than later. And when it does, you had best believe the above match-up is the one people will start to debate.

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Source: Reddit

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