Justice League Steps In When Superman Turns To Torture

It's time for the big showdown, as the final issue of crossover event Milk Wars comes to an end this coming week. Milk Wars takes place over both the DC and Young Animal universes, as characters from both comic worlds come together to tackle the ultimate big bad: RetCon. So far, RetCon has been revealed to have taken over Earth, re-writing the stories of DC's greatest superheroes and turning them into bland-but-murderous versions of themselves.

Wonder Woman became Wonder Wife in Shade The Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special, an icon of traditional femininity and wifehood, only concerned with cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. Batman turned into Father Bruce, a priest at an orphanage in Mother Panic/Batman Special, and Superman is the worst of all. He's become MilkMan Man, the purveyor of the milk that controls all the people in this universe, making them happy while being mind-controlled by RetCon (who wants to sell Prime Earth off to the highest bidder).

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Now, we have an exclusive look at the final issue of the Milk Wars event, Doom Patrol/JLA Special, when things come to a head - and Superman gets dark. The issue opens as Superman, aka MilkMan Man, is torturing Cave Carson, the hero who has been trying to break the hold that RetCon has over Prime Earth, and remind the heroes of who they really are.

Full page Doom Patrol/JLA Milk Wars

Of course, it's far from the first time that comic fans have seen Superman's dark side, over the years. It's not even the first time that he's been mind-controlled into using his powers for evil! It may be the first time that this was done using alien psychotropic dairy products, though... and, should Doom Patrol/JLA Special follow the same pattern as the previous editions of the Milk Wars event, we'll see Supes come back to himself and rejoin the Justice League to fight RetCon.

Here's the cover and nine exclusive pages from Doom Patrol/JLA Special #1:

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Although we can't give away too much, this issue will see Carson's plan succeed, as he uses his cybernetic eye to release the Justice League of America on RetCon's Superman copy - and with the Doom Patrol at their side, this promises to be a truly epic battle in the DC Universe. It's not just a really exciting fight, though. DC and Young Animal promises "an outrageous power never before seen on any world!", and the conclusion of Milk Wars will re-set the reality of the Young Animal universe going forward - although we can only guess as to exactly how.

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Doom Patrol/JLA Special #1 will be available at comic shops everywhere and on-line at ComiXology and DC Comics on Wednesday, Feb 28th.

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