Superman's Classic Suits Return For Action #1,000

A new age of Superman begins with Action Comics #1,000 - and a classic suit with it. The costume updates and re-designs of the Man of Steel's signature uniform have proven divisve among fans since even before the New 52 relaunch. The days of Superman's Kryptonian armor plating and collared suit are long gone, with the anniversary issue bringing Superman's classic look back into continuity - red shorts and all. They say what's old is new again, and nothing proves it more than DC's most iconic character.

With the release of Action Comics #1,000 comes a host of variant covers making the release on April 18 both a dream and a nightmare for comic book collectors. But even if you're not counting the days until release, or calculating the costs of buying the issue in a dozen different variants, the latest is one every fan should get to enjoy. It's courtesy of Australian artist Nicola Scott, and if there's a better love letter to Superman's changing suit through the ages, we haven't seen it.

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The variant is exclusive to King's Comics of Sydney, Australia, and feature the brand new Superman suit front and center - backed by nine previous incarnations of the iconic blue and red tights. Every Superman fan is guaranteed to have their favorite, and Scott makes sure to not only create homages to the best known suits, but give every one a unique face - and even a singular spit curl.

There's the original Joe Shuster look with its yellow badge. The black insignia of the Max Fleischer cartoons. From there is a march through the classics like Curt Swan, through the Christopher Reeve-esque sky blue, up to John Byrne's infamous 'Super-Mullet.' Those fond of the bold New 52 look may agree that it's rarely looked better, and the Earth-2 version of Superman that Scott co-created for the New 52 proves it never got enough issues to truly appreciate.

The one suit sadly missing is the version created when the New 52 and Post-Crisis Supermen merged into one. That suit was seen as a step back towards the classic look, returning the red boots, and restoring a badge of gold to Supes's red belt. The new look restores his red underwear worn over his undersuit, and the yellow belt keeping them in place. But opinions on the Action Comics suit will have to wait until the entire issue is able to be analyzed. Until then, it's the stories contained in the issue fans can look forward to.

That may include Marvel fans as well, lining up to see Brian Michael Bendis's first DC story after leaving one of the 'big two' comic publishers for the other. And if the story from Tom King and Clay Mann showing an immortal Superman at the end of the world is a sign of the other tales in store, fans may forget about the updated look entirely.

Until then, which of these looks do YOU think DC would be wise to revisit (we doubt there's any stopping the march of the six-pack abs, so we had all best come to terms with that detail).

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Action Comics #1000 arrives on April 18 from DC Comics. For more information on this variant cover, head over to

Source: Kings Comics

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