Fan Art Recasts Chris Evans as Superman & Henry Cavill as Captain America

Chris Evans and Henry Cavill switch superhero roles as Superman and Captain America in a brand new twin set of fan art. Debuting just a couple of years apart from each other, Evans entered the MCU in 2011 via Captain America: The First Avenger while Cavill kickstarted the DCEU with 2013's Man of Steel.

As pillars of their own movie franchises, Captain America and Superman are among the most popular superheroes right now. But the comparison between the two goes far back to their days in print.  Both encapsulating the ideal boy scout image, Steve Rogers and Clark Kent have long been the moral compasses of the Avengers and the Justice League and have often been dubbed mirror images of each other. No wonder, it's not that difficult to imagine the actors playing them on the big screen switching places as imagined in these fan-created images.

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As part of BossLogic's swapped series comes two brand new pieces of fan-art, this time featuring Evans as Superman and Cavill as Captain America. Like the previous illustrations in the series, the artist imagines what the actors would look like had they been cast differently, but the discussions in his posts go beyond their looks as fans actually imagine how this specific superhero switches could have affected their respective movie franchises. Check out the images below.

Sadly, despite their similarities, Cavill's iteration of Superman has been met with a lot of controversy, unlike Evans, who has gone on to appear in six MCU films with Avengers 4 still on the way. With an almost completed personal arc, Captain America is tipped to end his run on the big screen on a high note. DCEU's Superman's fate, on the other hand, remains to be a mystery with Cavill's continued involvement in the Warner Bros. franchise still in murky territory. A couple of months ago, news broke out that he might be leaving the famous red cape with the studio not having any plans for a Man of Steel 2, at least for now. This is understandably disappointing and frustrating for fans considering that Cavill's iteration of the iconic superhero is generally well-liked, the issue comes more from the lack of clarity on what a modern-day version of the hero should be like.

With Warner Bros. remaining tightlipped about their plans when it comes to their principal hero, fans don't have any choice but to wait for any formal announcement regarding Cavill's Superman. In the meantime, the actor has been busy working on Netflix's The Witcher where he plays the titular character. MCU fans, meanwhile, will catch Evans's Captain America possibly for the last time in Avengers 4 where he joins the original team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes as they try to fix the catastrophic consequences brought by Thanos' snap in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Source: BossLogic

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