Brandon Routh Recreates Kingdom Come Superman Comic In Crisis Costume

Arrowverse actor Brandon Routh has recreated the iconic pose from the Kingdom Come Superman comic ahead of filming on the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.  Created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, the alternate version of Superman debuted in 1996. The popular storyline picked up a decade after the death of Lois Lane at the hands of The Joker, and the Clown Prince of Crime's subsequent death at the hands of a more murderous superhero named Magog. Having abandoned his dual lives, Kal-El spent a decade at the Fortress of Solitude before being coaxed out of retirement by Wonder Woman. In the wake of a huge battle - which saw multiple fatalities - Superman ultimately resumed his former lives. He and Wonder Woman also forged a romantic relationship and conceived a child together.

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Routh joined the collective CW/DC universe as Ray Palmer (aka. The Atom) in Arrow season 3. He later left the show to join Legends of Tomorrow, where he's remained as one of the core members of the titular team ever since. After skipping last year's Elseworlds crossover in favor of their own dimension-hopping adventure, the Waverider crew will make their return for Crisis on Infinite Earths. The five-hour event will see them join forces with the other superheroes - including newcomers Batwoman and Black Lightning - to combat The Anti-Monitor. As well as reprising the role of Ray Palmer, it was announced that Routh would also play the alternate version of Superman at San Diego Comic-Con. The Iowa-born actor previously played the Man of Steel in the 2006 big-screen outing, Superman Returns.

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Routh has himself been teasing via Instagram his return to the role.  After posting a silhouetted tease of his iconic Superman curl, he urged fans to stay tuned for more. Posting earlier today, the actor made good on his promise and posted a new image of himself in full Crisis costume. Thanking the many people that went into making the idea a reality, including the crossover's writer and producer Marc Guggenheim, Routh even went a step further and recreated an iconic pose from the original source material. A full, side-by-side comparison can be see in the space below.

Brandon Routh Kingdom Come Superman Pose

Although Routh's own image lacks the original artwork's multiple characters standing in his wake, Crisis on Infinite Earths is scheduled to be a veritable feast of supporting appearances. 1966's Batman star Burt Ward will play a role. Celebrated Batman: The Animated Series voice actor Kevin Conroy will feature as an aged Bruce Wayne. And, most recently, it was confirmed that Ashley Scott will reprise her role of Huntress from the short-lived Birds of Prey series from 2002. Routh won't be the only Man of Steel on the block. Tom Welling was recently confirmed to be reprising his Smallville version of the character. Joined by Erica Durance, who played his Lois Lane, they shared their own behind-the-scenes image. Prior to that, it was also announced that Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch would also return as Supergirl's version of Clark and Lois, respectively.

The actor's self-shared image arrived in the wake of The CW's first official look at the character. Arguably, however, it will be his that could provoke the most excitement from fans. It is, after all, an extremely accurate representation - in tone as well as costume design. How the character will ultimately fit into the crossover's story, however, will have to remain to be seen. Based on the image, however, and the fact that Routh will soon be leaving the character of Ray Palmer behind - potentially to be replaced by Osric Chau as Ryan Choi - fans will no doubt soon be calling for a solo Kingdom Come Superman spinoff.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths will begin on The CW on December 8.

Source: Brandon Routh/Instagram

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