Henry Cavill Wants Brainiac for Man of Steel 2 Villain

Henry Cavill wants to see Superman fight Brainiac in Man of Steel 2. Superman was the first hero to get a solo movie in what is now known (unofficially) as the DC Extended Universe. Man of Steel debuted back in 2013 and fans of the film have been waiting for a proper sequel ever since. He was the co-star of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but was largely sidelined in Justice League thanks to the set up and attempts at a quick course-correction.

There's yet to be any official word on a direct sequel coming, but that hasn't stopped talk from continuing on. Recent reports point to a hold up being Cavill's contract negotiations. Should those be resolved, then Warner Bros. can turn the focus towards a director and figuring out the story. If Cavill has any input, Brainiac will be the choice.

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Cavill isn't the only one who wants to see Brainiac be the villain of Man of Steel 2, as he is often the top choice amongst fans, too. Depending on his depiction, Brainiac offers a physical match for Kal-El thanks to his cybernetic physiology. However, what sets Brainiac apart from the rest is his intellect far exceeds almost anyone. His technological and mental abilities when combined with his physical form make him one of Superman's toughest opponents and immediately raises the stakes for Superman's next adventure.

One of the other major benefits to possibly using Brainiac as Superman's next foe is that he's never been seen on the big screen before in a live-action setting. While both Supergirl and Krypton have introduced versions of Brainiac in their latest seasons, choosing him for the next solo Superman movie helps it stand out. The movie wouldn't have to once again rely on Lex Luthor or any other previously seen villains. Plus, if the creators really wanted to, there's a few threads that could be pulled from Man of Steel that help set him up.

It should also be pointed out that it is possible Cavill knows Brainiac is the future, so he's bringing his name up now to start to generate excitement. In the past (and before BvS was announced), he's mentioned how cool it would be to see Superman and Batman fight. Even if he doesn't know of any future plans, Cavill's longevity with the character hopefully gives his opinion on where the character should go a bit more weight. If that's the case, then Brainiac very well could be coming to theaters whenever Man of Steel 2 does.

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