5 Reasons Why 'Superman vs. Batman' Can Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

This is the big thing that has people talking and arguing all over the Interwebs:  How can Batman POSSIBLY stand up to Superman in battle?

In case you don't know: Batman has won several decisive victories over Superman in comic book canon. In fact, a Batman victory speech from the comics was the very thing quoted during the Batman/Superman movie announcement at SDCC '13. "But how does Batman, a mere human, win against Superman, a god?" you may still be asking. The answer is simple: Batman always has a plan.

Superman (as Batman often likes to point out) throws brute force at every problem and is too comfortable with his own imperviousness. Bruce Wayne and/or Lex Luthor are prime characters to expose those hubrises, either via Kryptonite or a public stance against Superman's threat to the world as a living WMD.

Indeed, the next stage in the Man of Steel's development may be the humility of discovering that he is both accountable to and vulnerable to mankind's wrath. We look forward to The Dark Knight pulling off some epic battle plan to take Superman apart piece-by-piece, in the way that only Batman can.

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