5 Reasons Why 'Superman vs. Batman' Can Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

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We've been running this series of articles for a few installments, but up until now, the potential DC superhero films we've discussed (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Justice League) have been just that: potential films. As in, non-existent.

However, DC and Warner Bros.' upcoming Batman vs. Superman sequel to Man of Steel is already a reality - only it's a reality that many (so-called) fans have been quite skeptical about, thus far. So, while we can't discuss why the teaming of the 'World's Finest' would be a success if they made it into a movie, we can discuss why the movie will be a success if they do it right.

READ our 5 Reasons that Batman vs. Superman CAN be the next big DC superhero movie...

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