Superman 75th Anniversary Panel; Creators Defend 'Man of Steel'

Superman 75th Anniversary NYCC

Superman is loved the world over, and the character continues to evolve today. Man of Steel and DC's "New 52" reboot gave us new versions of the Last Son of Krypton for the modern age, while comic book creators like Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Geoff Johns have been going back over Superman's origins and getting deeper into the character and icon since the early 2000s.

To celebrate an already celebrated character, DC Comics and WB put on a big panel at the 2013 New York Comic Con, to talk about all things related to the character - and his future. Hosted by DC Entertainment PR head Gary Mireaneau, the Superman 75th Anniversary panel included comic book writer and editor Mike Carlin, actress Molly Quinn (Superman Unbound), DC co-publisher Dan Dido and DC Animation Guru Bruce Timm. It was time to give Superman his due.

  • The panel begin with a retrospective (presumably featured on the upcoming Man of Steel Blu-ray) with director Zack Snyder, his cast and crew all talking about why Superman is this great icon, and what he's been through over the decades.
  • The panelists spent a lot of time discussing a lot of the more divisive elements of Man of Steelincluding its depiction of Lois Lane and how it depicted Superman as a character. They were pretty protective of Zack Snyder's choices - and considering that some of the most influential people in the crafting of Superman mythos, that's saying something.
  • The panelists went around and shared personal stories of when they first became aware of Superman. Stories ranged from one person having started reading the comics (like his mom) when he got his tonsils out - to Bruce Timm describing being at home trying to get a signal on his dinky TV and seeing a flying man appear the static.
  • The comic book / animation creators talked about what it is like creating Superman mythos today as compared to the past. They get to have their own fun.
  • We were treated to a TRAILER for WB and DC Animation's combo effort for a Superman animated short created by Zack Snyder and Bruce Timm [WATCH IT HERE]. It's a pretty spectacular homage to just about every major incarnation of the character from all forms of media - using actual still iconic images of the character that come to animated life. The full short will be featured on the Man of Steel Blu-ray. It will also air (eventually) on DC's cartoon network animation block.
Superman 75th Anniversary NYCC


  • First question was - OF COURSE - about the Man of Steel ending controversy. Bruce Timm and the other creators were cool with it. (So maybe you can be too?) One guy joked about the people in the train station during the calamity. They were headed to Gotham, apparently. 
  • One girl brought up product placement in comics. Dido said if they have fan support, it won't be needed. Challenge extended, fans.
  • When asked about the biggest takeaways from Man of Steel, Bruce Timm said he was sucked in and intrigued by a new take on the mythos. It taught him that this character CAN be continuously updated and kept relevant. Dido like seeing a warrior Jor-El.
  • When what the overall theme of Superman is in the modern age, the overwhelming response was 'What you do with power.'
  • Bruce Timm confessed in response to a question that he would've changed his depiction of Superman in Justice League: The Animated Series season 1.
  • Dido commented on the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship in the New 52. He promised fans they have NOT abandoned or forgotten Lois Lane.
  • The creators shared memorable moments from the comics that they still love.
  • The screened the TRAILER for the short film one more time. After some technical difficulty.


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