Matthew Vaughn to Produce Mark Millar's 'Superior' Comic Book Movie

Mark Millar comic Superior

Although comic book writer Mark Millar has contributed many times to long-running series about more traditional superheroes like The Fantastic Four and Ultimate X-Men, he's probably better known by mainstream audiences for putting a spin on the traditional comic book movie in Kick-Ass, the adaptation of his graphic novel about an average teenage boy who one day decides to put on a costume and become a superhero.

Another well-known limited series from Millar is Superior, a seven-issue comic about a 12 year-old boy with multiple sclerosis who is offered one wish by an alien monkey, and opts to take on the form of a superhero that he idolizes. He then finds out that the alien monkey was really a demon monkey and the only way to keep living his dream is to sell his soul to the devil. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Now Superior is set to join the growing number of superheroes on the big screen, as THR reports that Twentieth Century Fox has picked up the comic book and has Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) set to produce it. The studio has now begun searching for a screenwriter to adapt the source material.

Superior alien monkey

This certainly isn't a rushed decision by Vaughn, who has been ruminating on the idea of producing Superior for years. Vaughn originally bought the adaptation rights back in 2011, but decided to direct The Secret Service (another Millar comic adaptation) first. It's unclear at this point whether Vaughn will direct Superior as well, or if he'll just stick to producing and find someone else to helm the project.

Superior is described by THR as a "Fox favorite," and it's not the only Millar comic currently in development at the studio. Nemesis, Starlight and the family-friendly Kindergarten Heroes are also all in various stages of development. It seems like Millar himself is a Fox favorite as well.


We'll keep you updated on Superior as development continues.

Source: THR

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