15 Superheroes Who Have Beaten Deadpool

We've already talked about the superheroes Deadpool has beaten, many of whom were courtesy of Deadpool's killing spree against the Marvel universe. Well now it's payback time, because this time around, the heroes are beating down Deadpool. Just because he has a healing factor doesn't mean he can't lose; it simply means his opponent has to get creative to find a way to keep him down. And quite a few opponents have managed to do just that.

Since Deadpool knows he's a comic book character, he doesn't take most fights too personally. In fact, many of the heroes on this list are people he even considers friends. Plus if you have to lose to someone, Deadpool couldn't pick many better names than the ones we're about to get into, because he's been taken out by some of the biggest names in comics. So without further ado, here are 15 Superheroes Who Have Beaten Deadpool.



Deadpool loves to have a buddy along for his adventures, and has a long history of teaming up with not only Wolverine, but also Spider-Man. Of course Deadpool's sense of fun differs quite a bit from a lot of other heroes, so he also has no qualms about fighting his allies. In the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, that's exactly what happened.

It's hard to tell if Deadpool was even serious about winning since he seemed to have so much fun using puns to attack Peter. Thanks to an overactive imagination, Deadpool pulled Spider-Man into his fantasies, such as placing them on a literal farm when Peter said Wade belonged on the funny farm. It was obvious neither hero was taking this seriously enough to go for the kill, and were just using the physicality of their fight to see who had more witty one-liners. Eventually Spider-Man learned how the game worked, and threw a literal book of morals at Deadpool to score the knock out.



These two have fought a lot over the years. Their opposing personalities have made for some great buddy adventures together, but their healing factors have also made them the perfect opponents. Deadpool has definitely gotten the better of Logan before, but one of Wade’s losses has also been one his most embarrassing and well-known. A character appearing in a movie is a great way to introduce them to a new audience, but unfortunately Deadpool had to start out in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

For fans of comic book movies, Deadpool’s introduction into that world is anything but fondly remembered. For starters, this Deadpool looked nothing like his comic book self. Even his mouth was fused together, which was baffling when Wade’s humor is one of his best traits. Regardless, this Deadpool actually did get an upgrade in terms of powers, not only having regeneration, but also retractable swords in his arms, the power to teleport, and laser vision like Cyclops. Wolverine and Sabretooth had to double team to get the upper hand, but once Wade was distracted with trying to finish off Sabretooth, Logan finally had a clean shot to decapitate him.


Deadpool's lost some fights for some pretty stupid reasons before, often getting distracted by his own warped sense of reality, or becoming more fixated on telling jokes than fighting back. Unfortunately for him, his fight against Squirrel Girl was another such encounter, where he was so baffled by her appearance that he kept trying to figure out what her name was and rationalize why she was a squirrel woman rather than actually fighting her.

Everyone knows that Squirrel Girl doesn't lose, though, so Wade can't be too ashamed about this defeat. Thanos, Dr. Doom, and Wolverine have all fallen at the furry claws of Squirrel Girl, so Deadpool is in good company. He only fought her in the first place due to a misunderstanding. Deadpool mistakenly thought she wasn't registered under the Superhero Registration Act. Squirrel Girl cleared up that misunderstanding by offering a beat down first, and then an explanation later.


One fight that was weird even by Deadpool's standards was one of his numerous encounters with the Hulk. Normally people try to avoid making the Hulk angry because they know there is a severe risk of dying involved in doing so. Not Deadpool, though. In fact, he deliberately angered Bruce Banner to make him transform into the Hulk. In most fight both characters are typically trying to defend themselves, but this bizarre battle was different. Deadpool was actually hoping the Hulk would kill him here.

It all went down in Deadpool #39, but even the Hulk was too confused to immediately go all out. So Deadpool lied to him and said there were bombs set to go off every hour due to a transmitter in Wade’s body, and the only way to stop it was death. The Hulk was convinced and reluctantly killed Deadpool, but it wasn’t enough to stop his healing ability. But then once the Hulk realized he had been lied to and there were no bombs, he became even angrier and smashed Deadpool’s head to bits with one punch. It was a solid defeat, but still not enough to stop Deadpool from regenerating.


Cable and Deadpool have worked so well together that they even wound up with their own Cable and Deadpool comic series for a while. But like all of Deadpool’s allies, Cable’s also not averse to challenging him either. There’s usually not much animosity behind their scuffles; it's more just knowing they can afford to fight because they can both take it pretty well. Yet in a true, serious fight, it looks like Wade wouldn’t fare well at all.

Cable’s quickest and easiest defeat of Deadpool came during Marvel’s first Civil War event. Given all the heroes affected by the story, Cable wasn’t in a joking mood this time around. Electing to fight for the pro-registration side, Deadpool went after the heroes refusing to register and met who he thought was Daredevil (though it was actually Iron Fist in disguise). Before the two could finish their battle, more opposition for Deadpool arrived in the form of Captain America, Goliath, Falcon, and several others. Wade wasn’t deterred, though, and tried to take them all on with a tranquilizer gun.

Cable finally broke up the action and tried to reason with Deadpool, but Wade just tried to tranq his buddy too. Unfortunately Cable’s shield just reflected the darts right back at Deadpool. It wasn’t the end to the conflict Cable had wanted, but he took it and helped the other heroes restrain Deadpool as he was passed out.



Yet another unusual fight Deadpool's had is the one he managed to get into with Daredevil. Deadpool was hunting a shapeshifter at the time, and believed he had found it when he spotted Daredevil. Confident it wasn’t actually the hero, Deadpool opened fire. But once Daredevil began dodging the bullets, Wade realized his mistake and knew he had gone after the wrong target. Sure, it was a misunderstanding, but that wasn’t something Daredevil was really in the mood to discuss when he had just nearly been shot.

Meanwhile Deadpool realized the real shapeshifter was still in the vicinity, cheering on Daredevil to beat him down. At this point, Deadpool just wanted to extricate himself from the mistaken fight as quickly as possible, but he couldn’t fight his way past Daredevil. After getting beat down, Deadpool tried to explain about the shapeshifter, but Daredevil just thought he was crazy and hogtied him in the middle of the street.

Realizing he’d just have to take the loss and move on, Deadpool slipped his restraints by breaking his fingers, then shot a nearby civilian so Daredevil would have to stop and take the guy to the hospital. With Daredevil preoccupied, Deadpool ran off after his true quarry.


Yes, Deadpool can't even help losing to himself. Like many heroes, he has counterparts of himself from other dimensions, and in the storyline for Deadpool Kills Deadpool, he met each of them for a crossover/fight. Each of the Deadpools differentiated themself by naming themself after their most noticeable characteristic. So Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, and Dogpool were all pretty self-explanatory, but in their own worlds, they all just considered themselves to be plain old Deadpool. So each time one of them killed the other (which was a lot), another Deadpool technically was defeated.

This started off with just one Deadpool causing trouble; an evil Leather Deadpool. The Wade we all know had to work with a few other variants of himself to take on his Leather incarnation, but even so, Dogpool wound up being killed in the battle. The original Wade didn't take kindly to that, though, and killed his Leather self in brutal fashion after literally splitting him in half.

That was hardly the end of things, though, as many more Deadpools would bite the dust before everything settled. Panda Deadpools, Samurais, and all other sorts got taken out by one Deadpool or another.


While not Marvel’s most prolific hero, Moon Knight has had some interesting stories. He can thank Deadpool for one of them, since the two wound up meeting in Vengeance of the Moon Knight issues #7 and 8. Since Moon Knight had the home comic advantage, you knew going in he wasn’t going to come off looking bad in a crossover, but Deadpool actually did take this fight more seriously than most.

Deadpool had been hired to end the life of a man who was already dying, while Moon Knight was pretty strongly opposed to someone getting murdered on his watch. Their fight began in the hospital where the dying man was staying, and Moon Knight got the early advantage with some acrobatics that knocked Wade around. Just as Deadpool got serious and was about to reciprocate, he got distracted by a hot nurse and Moon Knight punched him out of a window. Not the best showing, but that wasn’t the end of their battle either.

They met up for round two in the following issue, with Deadpool surprising Moon Knight at a carnival. After getting knocked around by a roller coaster, Moon Knight chased Deadpool into a room of fun house mirrors, Enter the Dragon style. Apparently Moon Knight's watched that movie, though, because he smashed up the mirrors, and soon diced up Deadpool with a sword, winning two rounds in a row.


While talking about the heroes who Deadpool has defeated, we drew a significant number of those victories from when Deadpool took on the entire Marvel universe. Well, Deadpool isn't the only one who's fought everyone at Marvel in one story. The Punisher did it as well, and he's arguably even more dangerous since he's never really had any qualms about indulging in torture and murder to dispatch his opponents. It's probably unsurprising that the Punisher's kill count was high.

The Punisher's story featured the characters of Marvel getting turned into zombies thanks to a virus, and as one of the last remaining immune people, the Punisher took it upon himself to save the world by ridding it of the undead. Deadpool happened to be one of the zombies, but he still had his healing factor, so the Punisher couldn't just kill him once. Frank had to kill Wade over and over again to the point it became a running joke of the story. Frank recounts how he has had to shoot Deadpool, bury him, burn him, and even feed him to wild animals.

Yeah, Deadpool killed the Punisher when Wade took on the Marvel universe, but when the Punisher went against Marvel, he killed Wade over and over again.



If you’re even a casual Deadpool fan, you have probably at least encountered pictures of him dressed as Thor at some point. Maybe you assumed the original Thor gave Wade his blessing to take up Mjolnir and carry on the mantle of Thor. That’s not the case, though. While there have certainly been other heroes to lift Mjolnir, not the least of which is Jane Foster, Deadpool is not a name you could count among the characters considered worthy to wield the hammer.

Deadpool had the signature helmet, and a knockoff hammer to fly around with, but he wasn’t Thor. And the real Thor wasn’t pleased to see Deadpool making a mockery of the name. The two clashed, but Wade was no match for the god. Deadpool got knocked around and lost his hammer, but didn’t lose his enthusiasm for the fight. Thor snatched up the second hammer and swung both weapons, sandwiching Deadpool’s head between them. It was enough to knock Deadpool out, and knock the Thor impersonation out of the mercenary.


We mentioned Deadpool’s encounter with Black Widow before as a victory in an emotional sense for Wade, but we can’t ignore the physical ramifications of their encounter either. During a time when the Thunderbolts had decided to make Deadpool their next target, he was taking on the whole team at once and having a tough time of it. But as often happens to Wade, he got distracted from the severity of the fight when other things caught his attention—namely the fact that Black Widow was a woman. Once she unmasked, it was all he could think about.

At that point Deadpool didn’t care about war anymore, and wanted to give love a chance. He bombarded Black Widow with romantic advances, but neglected to keep his eyes on the other Thunderbolts. Like in the situation with Moon Knight, Deadpool’s lust led to him getting surprised, this time by the Headsman decapitating him.

Deadpool was so enamored by Black Widow that she could have left him in defeat right there and he likely would have died. But finding his affection sort of sweet, she reattached his head and revived him. So it was a victory for Deadpool for conquering Black Widow’s heart, but a defeat in regards to the whole "getting his head chopped off" thing.


While most people think of Carol Danvers or Kamala Khan as the women behind the Ms. Marvel name, they weren’t the only ones to ever go by that title. When Norman Osborn was forming his own version of the Avengers that have since become known as the Dark Avengers, he was unable to interest legitimate heroes into joining his cause. Osborn then tries to gain the public’s trust by disguising supervillains as popular heroes. And to be fair, this resulted in some genuine attempts at heroism. One of the villains making a real go at being a hero was Moonstone, who was operating as Ms. Marvel.

The fight was over some telepathic babies that Deadpool had stolen from the new Ms. Marvel, so she tracked him down to sort the issue out. It was a brief fight, since Deadpool forgot his opponent was bulletproof, which eliminated a big part of his fighting arsenal. He got bashed around a bit before latching onto her, but even though this Ms. Marvel wasn’t the original, she was hardly stupid, so she took off to the air with Deadpool hanging on. Once they were high up, she let him go, and Deadpool’s last moments in the fight were remembering he can’t fly.


Just because Civil War II was erupting didn't mean Deadpool would tone down on his silliness. While everyone was picking sides, Deadpool paid a visit to the Avengers base. While things didn't go poorly between Wade and most of the heroes there, Black Panther stopped Deadpool for a word on the way out. T'Challa made his distrust of Wade clear with a backhand across the face to kick off the fight. Deadpool seemed ticked off, but that did little to stop him from getting beat down.

Black Panther was the superior hand-to-hand fighter, so Deadpool resorted to tricks in an attempt to gain a psychological advantage. Wade pestered T'Challa by spoiling Game of Thrones, kicking him between the legs, and even taking an intermission for a bathroom break. Maybe irritating Black Panther just motivated him further, though, because he fought through all the agitation and pushed Wade back—right out of a window to be exact. With shards of glass impaled in his body, and some clearly broken bones, Deadpool ran off as Black Panther promised to kill him in the future.



Thanks to the Deadpool movie, this is easily one of the better known fights for Wade nowadays. Sure, they've fought in the comics as well, but he didn't fare much better there (though it did have the funny/gross moment of Deadpool vomiting blood in Colossus's face). The movie didn't have any high profile names for Deadpool to play with, so instead he got some of the X-Men's minor stars in Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus. Luckily they made for some of the best moments in the movie, including Deadpool attempting to fight them.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead didn't even have to get involved and just got to sit on the sidelines and laugh at Deadpool getting hurt. In fact, Colossus didn't have to do much either, since Deadpool did the majority of the damage to himself. The X-Men just wanted to take Deadpool in, but he thought he could find a way to damage Colossus' metal exterior. Instead, Wade just wound up breaking his own hands and getting beaten so senseless that he had to cut off one of his own hands just to get away.


Since DC and Marvel have crossed over many times, you'd think this would be an official fight between Wade and Bruce. Instead, this was more of a silly Easter Egg that skirted copyright issues. It was in the 2006 edition of the Superman/Batman comic that was showing the early years of both heroes. A lot was packed into the issue, including the alternate versions of the titular heroes, Ultraman and Owlman. Deathstroke also showed up, but he had an alternative counterpart too, who was pretty clearly meant to be Deadpool.

Everyone knows Deadpool started partially as a parody of Deathstroke, so DC was clearly playing off that idea. Deathstroke's alternative counterpart still had the Deathstroke color scheme, but his personality was identical to Deadpool's, and he was shown to be capable of healing from wounds. But every time this alternate Deathstroke tried to introduce himself, he got cutoff right as he said "I'm Dea—". Those remaining letters could have spelled out Deathstroke, but based on his personality, readers knew who he really was.

This unofficial Deadpool's role in the comic was just to irritate everyone with his wacky behavior. In the end, even Batman got sick of him and decided to clock him rather than listen to any more of his jokes.


Are there any of these fights you'd like to see Deadpool have a rematch with? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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