15Evil future Nightwing

No, evil future Nightwing’s origin is not the same as the altruistic present-day Nightwing’s. Because it turns out that future Nightwing isn’t Nightwing at all. And had we learned who he really was, we’d have probably all crapped our pants in fear, because he was that much

of an evil badass.

Future Nightwing traveled back to the present with a future Teen Titans team to prevent their dystopian future from coming into existence. Instead, almost all of them were wiped out of existence in a complicated time-war story. Dick Grayson survived, but only so he could be turned evil, saddled with the name Deathwing, and given a new look to go with it. Because nothing says "Deathwing, evil badass" like nose piercings and tattoos, right?

In a confrontation with his girlfriend Mirage (seen in the panels above), Evil Future Dick revealed he wasn't Dick at all, but someone far more terrifying, as befitted a total evil badass. He wound up in suspended animation before he could name names, however, and never thawed out. His secret origin may remain secret forever, but somehow, it doesn't seem like that great a loss.

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