15Wonder Woman - Psychotic Break

Diana of Themyscira is a paragon of truth, the embodiment of justice and the epitome of strength. That strength comes from so much more than her physical power.

In 1941, William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman to smash the patriarchy, but the succession of male writers

after him didn’t always get that – like when Diana becoming secretary of the JSA. Greg Rucka, who returned to writing the character for DC Rebirth, has never been afraid to take risks with her.

Rucka’s more recent arc, “The Truth” sees Diana suffer a psychotic break in the wake of learning truths that she could not handle. The reality that she knew wasn’t exactly real and she crumbled under the weight of this knowledge. She wound up in a mental institution, with no idea what was fact and what was fiction.

Although much of the stigma of mental illness has waned, many still view it as a sign of weakness. Rucka took what is arguably DC’s strongest character and proved that she too was vulnerable to pressures of the mind. Like everyone who has suffered such a traumatic experience, Diana needed her friends to help her through it.

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