The 15 Most Powerful Teleporting Superheroes

Nightcrawler teleporting while hitting Hellfire goons

In any conversation about the best superpowers to have, teleportation is always right up at the top of the list. Going wherever you want, whenever you please; no longer having to deal with rush hour traffic or pesky bank security guards. What's not to love?

Throw some superheroics into the mix, and teleportation takes on a whole new meaning. The Fantasticar's great and all, but sometimes you need to be somewhere literally now. And teleportation can make an excellent combat tactic, as anyone that's ever been unable to dodge a punch can attest.

There have been more than a few teleporters over the years, and at least as many devices. For the purposes of this list, though, only heroes with an innate ability to teleport are being counted. No spellcasters and no technology - sorry, everyone from Star Trek.

With that in mind, let's dive into The 15 Most Powerful Teleporting Superheroes.

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Nightcrawler X-Men Roof
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15 Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler X-Men Roof

BAMF! For the past 40 years, the blue-furred Nightcrawler has fought side-by-side with the X-Men in a variety of comics series, and has appeared in almost every other medium imaginable, from cartoons to video games to film. Everyone's favorite German mutant circus swashbuckler is the OG teleporter and Marvel's unofficial expert on the ability.

But when it comes right down to it, the elf's just not that powerful. Unlike several others on this list, Nightcrawler can't teleport very far, topping out around 3,000 miles. He rarely takes more than one person along for the ride, and even then the effort nearly kills him.

On the plus side, Nightcrawler's an amazing acrobat, a stellar swordsman, and he's got a terrific tail. His humor and his Roman Catholicism have helped to humanize the X-Men over the years, and he's consistently rated highly on all kinds of "best of" superhero lists. So while Kurt Wagner might not be the most powerful teleporter around, he's certainly bamfed his way into our hearts.

14 Lockjaw

LockJaw from Inhumans

Lockjaw is an enormous bulldog-like alien. That's the first thing you need to know. A strong and loyal pet, he's also the official escort of Black Bolt and Medusa, the Inhuman Royal Family, and responsible for teleporting them wherever they need to be. He may or may not be able to talk, and at one point actually headed up his own team of Pet Avengers. Lockjaw has been around since 1965 and is so iconically strange, he was named to our 12 Weirdest Characters of the Marvel Universe list.

This Inhuman pup's no slouch when it comes to powers either: Lockjaw can teleport himself and anyone near him great distances, regularly transporting folks from the Earth to the Moon. Energy shields pose less of a problem to him than fleas. He's got a powerful jaw (hence the name) and has been known to straight-up eat robots. He can sniff out a scent across dimensions and has tracked down a missing Black Bolt on more than one occasion. With his Pet Avengers, Lockjaw even managed to collect the Infinity Gems and defeat Thanos. Good dog.

13 Lila Cheney

Lila Cheney floating through space and teleporting

A product of the '80s, Lila Cheney's first appearance was as a musician who looked an awful lot like Joan Jett, and occasionally toured with none other than Dazzler. Lila was also the self-proclaimed "best thief of all time," actually trying to steal the Earth at one point and sell all of humanity to intergalactic slave-traders. Thankfully, the New Mutants intervened and, because not having to fly coach is infinitely more important than trying to enslave a planet, she was invited to join the team. And just to show there were no hard feelings, Lila started a relationship with Cannonball.

Arguably one of the most powerful teleporters of all time, able to dematerialize large groups of people and re-form them across vast amounts of space, Lila's powers come with not one, but two massive flaws: She can't teleport anywhere shorter than half a galaxy away, and she needs to have been there before. Thankfully, she stumbled across an abandoned Dyson sphere (a star-covering megalithic structure) just hanging out in space that she uses as a way station, bouncing from Earth to there and back again. Still, that's one heck of a detour.

12 Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug is the alter-ego of Irwin Schwab, a highly delusional human in possession of an alien suit that collided with a giant radioactive space spider. Maybe. He's claimed a lot of different origins over the years.

A villain-turned-hero, Ambush Bug originally used tiny robot bugs to teleport, but eventually became bonded with the suit and gained the power to teleport of his own free will. For a fourth-wall-breaking joke character that once had an inanimate doll as a sidekick, he has a surprisingly rich history within the DC Comics universe.

In addition to teleportation, he's also surprising agile and pretty good at unarmed combat. His insanity and awareness that he's a comic character, capable of actually reading the internal thoughts of his enemies, makes him hard to pin down in a fight. On the flip side, Irwin is just a skinny dude in a suit; it doesn't take much to knock him out.

11 Blink

Blink teleporting away X-men in front of Beast

A hero-turned-villain-turned-hero, Blink first appeared in 1994 during the "Phalanx Covenant" storyline, dying almost immediately. While an alternate universe version had a substantial role in the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline and was eventually added to the Exiles team, original flavor Blink wasn't incorporated back into the prime Marvel universe for almost fifteen years, where she worked with both the X-Men and the New Mutants. She was also seen in the post-apocalyptic half of X-Men: Days of Future Past, helping the team fight off the Sentinel attack.

Whichever version of Blink you're talking about, she's a powerful teleporter, able to move large groups of people. In her early appearances, however, she had little control of her powers, often teleporting parts of people away, even separating Archangel from his wings at one point. Her AoA version was much more refined, with the ability to create crystalline javelins that could teleport through walls, or blink away any people or objects they came in contact with. Only time will tell where Blink will pop up next.

10 Cloak (and Dagger)

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger

Cloak is half of Cloak and Dagger, a team of runaway teenage vigilantes who, in their early appearances, fought to eliminate the drug trade in New York City. They've long been guest stars in a number of titles over the years, with key roles in a number of big ticket storylines, including "House of M" and "Civil War." Marvel is currently planning a television series for them on Freeform in 2018.

Cloak's powers were activated after he and his partner Dagger were kidnapped and pumped full of Maggia heroin. The strange concoction of chemicals left him able to turn himself intangible and teleport himself and others through the dark dimension - or simply toss them into it. Dagger is always at his side, feeding him light, so that he's not consumed by the darkness. Cloak's powerful enough that Captain America recruited him to the cause during "Civil War," only for Iron Man to target him early and hamstring the anti-registration side's mobility.

Because comics, Cloak and Dagger switched powers during the "Spider Island" storyline, with Dagger currently the one tapping into the dark dimension. Regardless of which one has what power, though, Cloak and Dagger remain a force to be reckoned with.

9 Deadpool

Deadpool teleporting through Cable

Created by Rob Liefeld during his early '90s' "put pockets on everything" phase, Deadpool has turned from a generic villain to a wisecracking antihero to a record-breaking, Golden Globe-nominated movie star that regularly smashes through the fourth wall to talk directly to the audience.

Deadpool has a healing factor that makes him unkillable, and, much like Ambush Bug before him, his ability to read comic book thought bubbles and captions makes him a strategist of unbelievable ability. Plus he's got a lot of guns and swords and he knows how to use them.

OK, sure, but why's he on this list? Well, because Deadpool can also teleport, or "bodyslide" as its referred to in his books. While this ability has canonically been attributed to a device that only he and Cable can use, the awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine gave him teleportation as a mutant power (stolen from John Wraith), so Wade's cheated his way onto the list. We doubt he'd want it any other way.

8 Magik

Magik teleporting away from Thor

Little mutant sister to X-Man Colossus, Magik first appeared alongside her giant-sized brother in Giant-Size X-Men #1, but didn't become a superhero in her own right for over a decade. Trapped in Limbo for most of that time, Magik manifested her mutant ability to teleport and also became a powerful sorceress to boot. She joined the New Mutants shortly after that, then died of the Legacy Virus, then was resurrected. She's been a regular member of several X-teams since.

Magik's teleportation abilites are incredible. She can teleport herself or others across not just space, but time. While she initially had difficulty controlling the destination, especially the farther she went, she eventually absorbed all of Limbo and became much more skilled in her ability. But wait, there's more! Magik is a sorceress of immense power, travelling backwards through time and training under none other than Doctor Strange. She also wears a set of mystical armor that grows in size the more magic she uses, and possesses the Soulsword, a weapon she created from her own soul while trapped in Limbo that disrupts magic and grows more powerful with each use. This is one little sister that isn't going to get picked on.

7 Supergirl (Linda Danvers)

Supergirl as Earth-born Angel flying with fire wings

There have been a few Supergirls over the years, the most popular being Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El. But she can't teleport, so who cares? Today we're talking about Linda Danvers, who took on the mantle of Supergirl after "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

Here's how things went down: After the original Kara Zor-El died during "Crisis," Lex Luthor created a synthetic lifeform known as Matrix that took on the Supergirl title. Eventually, Matrix sacrifices herself and merges with a dying human known as Linda Danvers (who was being sacrificied to a demonic cult by her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend), who then also became Supergirl. This sacrifice resulted in the new Supergirl gaining the powers of the Earth-born Angel of Fire, including fiery wings and the ability to teleport anywhere she's previously been. And, OK, yes, as far as teleportation goes, that's kind of lame, but she was still Supergirl, so we'll call it a draw. Anyway, later on Kara Zor-El returned and then things got really complicated.

So there you go. Linda Danvers had all the powers of regular Supergirl, plus she could shoot fire from her eyes and teleport. Totally worth causing a headache every time she has to explain herself.

6 Gateway/Manifold

Gateway and Manifold

Gateway is an elderly Aboriginal Australian and honorary member of the X-Men with the ability to create gateways between any two points in space. He took on Manifold as his protege, teaching the young man up until he was recruited to Nick Fury's Secret Warriors.

Gateway does not appear to have any limits on his powers, and can even transport people through time and other dimensions, as well as through dreams. He also has eidetic memory, which, coupled with his dimension- and time-hopping abilites, makes him nearly omniscient. Manifold can't do most of that, but he is able to bend space-time to his whims, and was integral in helping the Avengers face Thanos during the "Infinity" event. As thanks for their efforts, they have both since been unceremoniously killed.

5 Raven

Raven teleporting and punching goon in throat

New Teen Titans founding member Raven is an empath with the abilities to teleport and control her "soul-self" which is nigh-invulnerable. She's the daughter of the demon Trigon and constantly struggles to fight off his influence. She's failed a few times, becoming even stronger, and died at least once. Despite not showing up until the second go-round for the Titans, Raven has proven to be an integral part of the team and shows up in most of the Titans animated appearances.

In addition to being able to teleport herself and others through both time, space, and other dimensions, Raven is able to manipulate the emotions of others, and project the solid black energy of her astral self into the real world where it can act as a shield or a weapon and occasionally swallow enemies whole. This "soul-self" is also able to travel longer distances and communicate telepathically. She also has ambiguous sorcery powers, depending on who's writing her, and has at times hurled both fire and electricity, and is capable of knocking someone out with a touch. Whatever the skillset, you don't want to get on her bad side.

4 Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate teleporting JLA

Doctor Fate has been around since 1940, with various characters taking on the literal mantle of Fate over the years. The title is carried by those wearing the enchanted helmet, amulet, and cloak of the Assyrian god Nabu, who first bestowed the abilities upon the original Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson. Fate was part of the original Justice Society of America and has shown up all over the place over the years.

As with anyone pushing 80, things have changed with time. But, generally, it's been established that even without the helmet, Doctor Fate can fly, is invulnerable to most damage, and is stronger than average. When fully suited up and imbued with the full power of Nabu, Doctor Fate is nearly unstoppable, able to fire bolts of energy, teleport across space, and manipulate matter. Of course, Nabu is constantly trying to possess Fate, so maybe there's a reason no one stays with the job too long.

3 Wiccan

Wiccan and Speed Marvel

The (probable) son of Scarlet Witch and Vision, Wiccan is a mutant with the ability to wield Chaos Magic. Created when Scarlet Witch messed with reality and willed several children into being, Billy Kaplan was unaware of his powers or his lineage for much of his childhood, until a chance encounter with Scarlet Witch seemed to enable his powers. A member of the Young Avengers, both Loki and Doctor Strange have referred to Wiccan's untapped power and potential to become almost "god-like."

Wiccan does seem to need to be able to hear his spells out loud for most of them to work. While he can teleport, create force fields, and generate lightning regardless, when he's able to hear himself speak, he can create illusions, read minds, move things with a thought, and even see the future. At one point, he even became the Elder God-creating Demiurge, able to reshape reality at will. Ultimately, though, he rescinded the power, proving that the only thing stopping Wiccan from becoming all-powerful is his self-control. And headphones.

2 Goku

Goku instant transmission teleport

Goku, of Dragon Ball fame, is a Saiyan, an extraterrestrial warrior race, and the self-proclaimed protector of his adopted Earth. Appearing in numerous manga, anime, and video games, the spiky-haired Goku is one of the most recognizable manga/anime characters of all time. He's even sold Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Through constant training and his own inherent combat abilities, Goku became the strongest warrior in the universe - and that was only at Super Saiyan 3. When he reached Super Saiyan God level, the sheer amount of energy he used fighting Beerus caused the universe to begin crumbling. Goku can teleport between planets with Instant Transmission, level mountains with his Kamehameha energy bolt, and use the Evil Containment Wave to trap an opponent into any container handy - a move that usually kills the caster in the process. Goku was fine, of course. But what else do you expect from a guy who can turn a punch into an energy dragon?

1 Doctor Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan on Mars DC Watchmen

Jonathan Osterman, a nuclear physicist, was disintegrated in an intrinsic field accident before reforming as an omnipotent blue nudist. He took the name Doctor Manhattan and single-handedly helped the United States win the Vietnam War, before deciding that maybe he was causing more problems than he was fixing. First appearing in the acclaimed Watchmen series, he was recently integrated into the main DC universe during the Rebirth event, wherein he erased 10 years of time and started the New 52 timeline.

Doctor Manhattan is basically a god. He can't be killed, can alter his size and is indescribably strong. He does not slow down or get exhausted; he has control over subatomic particles. He can teleport over unlimited distances, taking himself and his ex-girlfriend Laurie to Mars with a thought. He can see the past, present, and future, and seems to exist outside of time. He can phase through objects, create clones of himself, fire energy beams, create and destroy matter, and create life itself. He's even walked on the sun for fun. More than anything, though, Doctor Manhattan has a tendency to think of human life as insignificant, so probably eat as many apples as possible to keep this doctor away.


So there you go. Have we missed anyone? Are we giving anyone too much credit? Anyone too little? Comment below.

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