15 Shocking Times Superheroes Have Killed Gods

Hercules beats Superman and Wonder Woman in the Injustice comics

If there's one thing that superheroes have taught us, it's that the world needs saving. Whether it's protecting the planet from the wrath of an evil robot or foiling the plans of their arch-nemeses, our favorite comic book heroes work tirelessly to ensure that everyone makes it home safely. But sometimes the most powerful superheroes have to dig a little deeper to get the job done.

The gods themselves have often threatened a native population or two when they were at their worst. With insulting arrogance and little regard for the lives of mortals, these omnipresent, omnipotent beings of immeasurable power often stir up trouble at the worst times. To be fair, though, sometimes it's the hero that goes picking a fight to cross another name of their list. Gotta prove you've got the biggest muscles out there, right?

Take a look at these 15 Times Superheroes Have Killed Gods.

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15 Thor Kills His Grandfather (Thor #600)

Oh, those Asgardians. They're spiteful, egotistical, brash, and don't know the meaning of "overkill". Crude as they might seem, most of them are quite noble at heart, though there's usually one exception to that rule. Loki will stop at nothing from making Thor look bad, even when he's able to restore Asgard after Ragnarok. In Thor #600, Loki's plan to move the Asgardians to Victor von Doom's Latveria is put into motion.

By bringing Bor, Odin's father, back to life in a cursed state where he sees people as demons, Loki sets the stage for what will be an epic battle for his half-brother. Bor becomes enraged that the "monstrous" Thor is using the Odinforce against him, leaving Thor no choice but to kill his rampaging grandfather, playing right into Loki's evil scheme. Balder is then forced to banish Thor from Asgard for killing a member of the royal family.

14 Sentry Kills Ares (Siege)

Sentry kills Ares in Marvel's Siege

Volstagg is the most recognizable member of the Warriors Three, with his hefty frame and jolly attitude. When the happy-go-lucky traveler found himself at the wrong end of a diabolical plan by Norman Osborn and Loki, he accidentally kills a huge group of civilians, giving Osborn the ammunition he needs to assault Asgard.

Ares takes Osborn's side in the matter, believing that Olympus can help make earth a better place by ridding it of a perceived Asgardian threat. Heck, the Greek God of War even gave a speech to Osborn's troops before they marched on Thor's home. All was going well until all-seeing Heimdall dropped some crucial knowledge about Osborn's lies. Ares then makes the mistake of setting his sights on Osborn.

Sentry, the man with the power of a million exploding suns, intervenes and literally rips Ares in half. That's one way to put down a rebellion in a hurry.

13 Black Bolt Kills Apocalypse (Black Panther #7, 2005)

When it comes to Magneto and the politics of mutants, things tend to get really muddy. Is he looking out for their best interest, or is he just trying to manipulate everyone for his own gain? When Quicksilver is unable to gain the affection of Storm, she appears on a talk show where she throws some shade Magneto's way. And here. We. Go.

After a failed assassination attempt by Sabertooth on Black Panther, Storm's lover, Magneto looks to another ally: Apocalypse. Though Namor and some others were able to slow him down, the big guy eventually makes it to Wakanda. But when he gets there, a rather loud surprise was waiting for him.

None other than Black Bolt had an ambush set up, and when the time was right... well, he opened his mouth and obliterated Apocalypse. Black Panther joked that it must have been nice to speak a syllable.

12 Adam Warlock Kills Thanos (Marvel 2-in-1, Annual #2)

Adam Warlock is a bit of a tragic character. A synthetic man designed to be the perfect human, he was never really able to learn about the world like the rest of us. But once he was given the Soul Gem by a cosmic entity, he started to come into his own. However, when Thanos crafts a plan to appease Death, Warlock's gem is the last one he needs to destroy the universe.

When Thanos mortally wounds Warlock and traps the Avengers in a sort of time vacuum, Adam absorbs his own soul into the gem. Thanos begins to prepare the Soul Gem for assimilation, but he's interrupted by Spider Man and Thing. The Avengers are awakened during the fight, and Spidey frees Warlock who uses his last bit of life to turn Thanos to stone before retreating to the Soul Gem once more.

Death would have to wait a little longer for her grand gesture.

11 Superman Kills Hercules (Injustice, Year 4 #13)

Okay, so we have Superman's empire forming nicely, putting Batman in a tricky spot. He decides to talk to Ares and forge an uncertain alliance with Olympus, and so the Greek pantheon goes to earth to try and sort things out. Needless to say, things get pretty messy. During the melee, Hercules targets Wonder Woman nearly kills her before Shazam comes to her aid. Seeing an opportunity to strike, Batwoman attacks Wonder Woman but decides not to kill her.

Too bad the same can't be said for Hercules. Shazam taunts him, saying, "...I have the power of six gods!" before besting him in a fist fight. Well, a godly fist fight with lightning and stuff. Taking a page from Batman's book, Shazam spares Hercules for the moment. However, Superman hears this from space and decides that another outcome is more appropriate. He crashes down on Hercules like a meteor and ends his life.

10 Alexander Kills Amatsu Mikaboshi (Ares: God of War, Ares#5)

Living on earth because the rest of the gods are too arrogant to see the value in them, Ares and his son, Alexander (later named Phobos), have a nice, quiet life. At least it was that way until Hermes kidnapped Alexander to get Ares' attention. Furious, the God of War returns to Olympus and demands answers. What he finds is a shattered pantheon under siege by unknown Eastern forces, and a missing son that Achilles' men were supposed to be protecting.

Amatsu Mikaboshi, the Japanese God of Evil, took Alexander and brainwashed him, teaching him to hate his father and training him as a master swordsman. With a little help from Zeus and some of the remaining Eastern gods, Ares is able to assault Mikaboshi's stronghold and break the hold that the Japanese god has on his son. Once freed, Alexander slices into his captor, putting an end to his reign of terror.

9 Wonder Woman Kills Triton (Wonder Woman #163)

There's no hiding if you get on Wonder Woman's bad side. After Black Manta is blamed for attacks on Diana's "Wonder Scouts", Aquaman and Wonder Woman think the case is solved. However, Black Manta hints that a god promised him his humanity if he carried out the deed, which puts the duo back on the hunt. After a battle with what Aquaman says is a curious sea monster, his suspicions are validated when Triton, son of Poseidon, brings the two to his hidden lair.

Triton explains his scheme, basically saying that he's still upset Diana turned him down for Aquaman. After betraying his father, Triton was turned into a hideous creature; a fate worse than being sent to Hades. Not caring about any of it, Wonder Woman walks up and snaps his neck with no remorse. Poseidon talks to Diana from afar, thanking her for doing what he could not.

8 Magneto Kills Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse)

Here we go again with Magneto and his tug-of-war relationship with mutants and humans. Age of Apocalypse is a little like Days of Future Past in that there are several interlinked timelines that are impacting each other simultaneously. Charles Xavier's future son goes back in time to murder Magneto, but X sacrifices himself instead. This ultimate act of kindness has all sorts of temporal consequences, with the early arrival of Apocalypse being the worst of them all.

While the X-Men fend off Apocalypse and attack his fortifications, Magneto engages him directly to buy Bishop some time to fix the "correct" timeline. Nate Grey, son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey (and also this timeline's Cable) joins the fight but is met with resistance by Holocaust. Meanwhile, Bishop is able to prevent the death of Professor X, and a freshly empowered Magneto blasts Apocalypse to pieces, bringing the events of this reality to an end.

7 Deadpool Kills Thor (Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe)

Deadpool has been a fan-favorite for years now, and his movie helped his popularity soar to new heights. When it comes to the comics, though, Wade's demented murdering spree known as Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is the title you'll most often see spattered around the internet.

When Psycho-Man makes the mistake of toying around with Deadpool's brain, he becomes aware of the reality that comic heroes exist for people's entertainment. The only solution, then, is to put everyone out of their "misery" for good, starting with the very first superhero team ever to form: The Fantastic Four.

Wade eventually makes his way to the Avengers, using Pym particles to take most of them out in one massive explosion. Thor wouldn't be so easily defeated, however. Deadpool's only solution is to use his remaining Pym particles to enlarge Mjolnir in midair, thus crushing the God of Thunder under the weight of his own hammer.

6 Wonder Woman Kills Ares (Wonder Woman #23)

Wonder Woman and Ares haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but when the outcast First Born of Olympus decides it's time to take the throne, Diana and Ares join forces with the other gods to stop him. As is usually the case, it proves to be an epic challenge. The First Born is a massive man full of hate, and has a prophecy and an army of weird hyena men backing him up.

In this arc, Ares is an old man who uses his brain more than his brawn to get the job done, though he's still no slouch when it comes to fighting. With Diana temporarily incapacitated, Ares buys them some time by engaging the First Born. Right before he's able to crush Ares' throat, Wonder Woman runs a spear through both of them, simultaneously becoming the new God of War and preventing the First Born from doing the same.

5 Batman Kills Darkseid (Final Crisis #6)

You're probably well aware of the fact that Batman doesn't like killing people. It's a moral cornerstone of his character, and he doesn't advocate death even if it will help his cause. Another thing you know is that Batman despises guns. Well, what if a scenario existed where he needed to break both of these rules at the same time?

Final Crisis is a complicated story line that involves many of the DC heroes. In volume 6, Darkseid's anti-life equation has created an army of thralls that threatens the world. Even Green Arrow nearly succumbs to it, but Black Canary literally knocks some sense into him. Both Wally and Barry have a plan to lead Black Flash to Darkseid, but Batman already found him. A single shot from a radion-infused bullet brings down Darkseid, though Batman is hit with Omega Beams in the process.

4 Dr. Doom Kills Ankhenaten (Marvel: The End)

If there's an otherworldly power play involved, chances are that Dr. Doom and Thanos will somehow become interested. When an unknown force manifests itself in the form of Egyptian pharaoh Ankhenaten, most of the world's leaders (including George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, and others) and superheroes are either rendered ineffective, or killed outright. That's when Doom and Thanos take action.

When they learn of the precise time and location that the Celestial Order blessed Ankhenaten with power from the Heart of the Universe, our favorite villains take a trip back in time. Thanos, having ambushed the Order with assistance from Namor, Hulk, Dr. Strange, and Silver Surfer, takes the same power for himself and confronts Ankhenaten's astral form. At the same time, Doom takes aim at the spaceship that abducted the pharaoh thousands of years ago. Doom destroys the ship, effectively killing Ankhenaten in the past and erasing everything in that timeline.

3 Hank Pym Kills Galactus (Marvel Zombies #5)

The Marvel Zombies series is hit-or-miss among fans, but it certainly has its moments. When Silver Surfer comes to earth in advance of Galactus, the last thing he's expecting is to be mauled by a bunch of superhero zombies. Once the zombies have their fill, they discover that they've also absorbed some of the Power Cosmic from Silver Surfer, making them even more effective killing machines.

On the brink of starvation, Hank Pym has a plan once Galactus shows up. With no other options, Pym, Cap, Stark, Banner, Cage, Wolverine and Parker all head to his secret lab to work on a Power Cosmic amplifier. With his newly acquired flying abilities, Cap gets the last bit of refined vibranium from Wakanda, allowing Pym to finish the machine. Once its done, the undead heroes power up the machine which unleashes a massive Power Cosmic blast at Galactus, ripping him apart.

2 Thor Kills Hercules (Marvel Universe vs. The Avengers #2)

When a deadly virus causes everyone to have an insatiable need for human flesh, the world's heroes begin to lose hope that anyone will be able to find a cure. Alas, this is Marvel, and an opportunity from a villain presents itself. "Accept the truth of my supremacy and I will stop this plague," Dr. Doom says in classic fashion to the desperate warriors. Easy enough, right?

After some bickering and fighting with Doom, they have no choice but to consider his offer. Once he explains how he's able to keep his own country, Latveria, alive with the enigmatic Doomstone, Hercules bursts from the ground along with some trolls and other unsavory types. Odd, but then again, everyone's a cannibal in this arc.

Hawkeye convinces the defiant Doom to help in the fight and they manage to suppress the assault, with Thor bringing down Hercules with a good bash from Mjolnir.

1 Lobo Kills Santa (The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special)

There's something to be said about your reputation if the Easter Bunny asks you to kill the tyrannical Kris "Crusher" Kringle. In this ultra-violent story, Lobo treks to the North Pole to put an end to Santa's overbearing ways. That's right, it turns out that Santa is a horrible person who overworks his employees. One massive act of charity a year makes up for all that, apparently.

For being so hardcore, Santa's defenses are comical at best. His guard elves are armed with pop guns, and his gorilla bodyguard seems to serve no purpose other than to look intimidating. Lobo, called "The Naughtiest One" by the locals, splatters elf brains left and right until he meets up with the big guy himself.  He decapitates Santa in a knife fight, then hijacks his sleigh to drop nukes on the world. Lobo isn't one for subtlety, in case you weren't aware.

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