15 Superheroes Jason Bourne Could Beat In A Fight

Jason Bourne seems indestructible.

The first scene of the franchise introduces Bourne as a man who’s been shot twice in the back and left for dead in the middle of the ocean. Through the course of four movies, Bourne survives several car crashes and is punched, kicked, stabbed, strangled, and shot again while diving into the East River from the top of a ten-story building. The man might as well be a superhero.

In fact, Bourne’s skill set is so advanced and his durability so incredible that there are a few actual superheroes he could beat one-on-one.

If Bourne were to set out on a mission to take out as many superheroes as he possibly could, who would he have a good chance against?

This isn’t about making the fight easy for him. He could, of course, easily take someone like Hindsight or Arms Falls Off Boy – anyone could. The following 15 fighters were chosen because Bourne could beat them, yes, but also because they could beat Bourne as well. The goal is to make each hypothetical tussle more or less fair - but when it comes down to it, these are 15 Superheroes Jason Bourne Could Beat In A Fight.

15 The Punisher

Marvel The Punisher Frank Castle Spinoff

It's going to be tough for Bourne to win in a fight against someone with superpowers. Thor, Superman, or anyone else with super-strength would just crush him in an instant. Luckily for Bourne, not every superhero has superpowers.

Take the Punisher, for example. He's not faster than a speeding bullet; he can't leap over tall buildings in a single bound. That said, the Punisher is certainly a formidable opponent. He's a marine, a martial arts expert, and almost always equipped with Kevlar body armor and a fully automatic weapon. In close quarters combat, the Punisher has the edge.

There's also the fact that the Punisher is downright ruthless. Most comic book heroes try their best not to kill anyone, not even the worst of supervillians. The Punisher, however, has no qualms about committing murder. Bourne's best hope would be to take his time and use his CIA training to covertly stalk the Punisher, waiting for just the right opportunity to set up with a long gun and get a clean headshot from afar.

14 Green Arrow

Green Arrow Robin Hood Bow

Green Arrow, aka billionaire playboy/shipwreck survivor Oliver Queen, is another hero who doesn't have any supernatural powers. All he does is shoot arrows.

Okay, "all he does is shoot arrows" doesn't really do Green Arrow justice. Oliver's pretty much the best archer to ever live, with perfect accuracy and the ability to shoot an arrow every other second.

Being able to shoot about 30 arrows per minute is a neat trick, but all Bourne has to do is get his hands on a standard M4 assault rifle to shoot back at a rate of 700 - 900 rounds per minute. To his credit, Oliver is quite acrobatic, so if Bourne turned a gun on him he would be able to change direction and flip around to make himself a difficult target. But Bourne has proved to be pretty acrobatic as well with all his sweet parkour moves, so he should be able to run Oliver into a corner and make Swiss cheese out of him.

13 Elektra

Elektra and Daredevil Comics

Elektra's is a martial arts master, possessing moves borrowed from Karate, Brazillian jiu jitsu, and Muay Thai. Bourne's fighting influences are much more Western. There's very little flourish involved - Bourne is straight to the point, doing whatever he can to put a hurtin' on someone as efficiently as possible.

What Bourne has to watch out for is Elektra's trademark pair of bladed sai. Block one, and she'll cut you with the other. It's a very difficult weapon to defend against.

In addition to her physical combat skills, Elektra also has some low-level telepathic abilities. She's been known to get inside people's heads and figure out what their intentions are. That might work on the latest incarnation of Bourne, but in the original trilogy, Bourne doesn't even know who he is for the most part. That would be a key advantage when battling a semi-psychic like Elektra.

12 Katana

Katana in Suicide Squad

A fight with Katana would represent another battle between East and West. She doesn't have any superpowers, which makes it possible for Bourne to take her on. Possible doesn't mean easy, though. The Suicide Squad veteran is a fighting expert, especially with bladed weapons. Bourne is going to need to show up with more than a pen if he wants to win this fight. He'll be better off avoiding an obvious confrontation altogether and instead eliminating her from long range with a rifle or explosive device. If it gets up close and personal, Katana likely wins this fight.

If Bourne does die by Katana's hand, at least he'll have some company afterward. Katana's sword is named Soultaker and it really does steal souls, allowing Katana to communicate with everyone that's ever been killed with the sword. If it goes down like that, though, Bourne might not really be in the mood for conversation.

11 Nightwing

New 52 Nightwing in DC Comics

Why would Jason Bourne try to fight Nightwing? Well, Bourne was once voted sexiest man alive by People magazine (or the actor who plays him was, at least), and more recently Nightwing was crowned the sexiest male character in comics, so maybe Bourne's a little jealous.

Nightwing's biggest advantages as a fighter are much like Bourne's. Like Bourne, Nightwing is especially experienced and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Like Bourne, Nightwing is quite athletic and acrobatic.

Also like Bourne, it's hard to pin down who Nightwing really is. Nightwing is best known as the persona that Batman's sidekick Dick Grayson takes on when he grows out of being Robin, but some of Grayson's acquaintances, such as fellow Robin, Jason Todd, have also used the Nightwing name. Whichever Nightwing it is that Bourne faces off against, we give Bourne 50/50 odds in this one.

10 The Green Hornet

Green Hornet

Yet another hero with no special powers, the Green Hornet would be a pretty easy target for Bourne. With his long green overcoat and green fedora, you don't exactly have to be an espionage expert to spot him in a crowd.

Tracking the Green Hornet won't be an issue, but how hard will it be for Bourne to beat the man when he confronts him? The Green Hornet's favorite weapon is a gas gun, which Bourne will have to watch out for if he wants to remain conscious in this fight.

More than that gas gun, though, what Bourne really has to watch out for is the Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato. Even Bourne might not be able to beat martial arts expert Kato in a one-on-one fight, so he'd be wise to wait for the Green Hornet to be alone before he tries to take him on. And as much as Bourne loves a good car chase, he'd be wise to avoid one here, considering that the Green Hornet's Black Beauty is outfitted with machine guns and a flamethrower.

9 Squirrel Girl

squirrel girl 10 underrated marvel characters great movie superheroes

There are two schools of thought on Squirrel Girl. A lot of people put her on lists with titles like “Weakest Superheroes of All-Time”, because on the surface her abilities do indeed appear rather laughable. Like a squirrel, she has a tail, buck teeth, and claws. She also has the ability to communicate with squirrels (not through telepathy - she understands and can speak their language).

But then there are those who have actually read her comics, and they know that Squirrel Girl is strong, agile, and a worthy adversary for just about anyone. Once, she beat Wolverine in a no-claws sparing match. She's managed to win fights against tremendously powerful enemies like Doctor Doom (with the help of Monkey Joe, Squirrel Girl's favorite squirrel companion) and Thanos (with the help of Tippy-Toe, who took over a squirrel #1 after the death of Monkey Joe).

Bourne would either easily defeat Squirrel Girl, or she'd easily defeat him. There's no middle ground here.

8 Red Bee

The Red Bee

The original Red Bee was Oregon district attorney Rick Raleigh, who donned a red-and-yellow striped suit and used trained bees to fight Nazis. He kept his favorite bee, which he creatively named "Michael", inside his belt buckle.

In The Bourne Identity, we saw that a magazine is one of the many household items Bourne can turn into an effective weapon. He should have no problem swatting away Michael and the rest of his bees.

Bourne would find it much tougher to face the second incarnation of the Red Bee, Rick's grandniece Jenna Raleigh. She wears a mechanized bodysuit, and rather than using actual bees as weapons, Jenna has two large robotic bees at her disposal. These robot bees are capable of delivering nasty electric shocks. Bourne could certainly win against the first Red Bee, but the second? Not so much...

7 Madame Fatal

Madame Fatale

Madame Fatal, who disguises himself as an old women to spy on criminals, has the distinction of being the first cross-dressing hero to appear in a comic. He made his debut in Crack Comics #1  in May 1940.

In addition to using his disguise as a surveillance tactic, the old lady get-up also gives Madame Fatal an advantage in combat, as it makes opponents underestimate his athletic prowess and physical strength. Plus, it doesn't look weird that he carries a cane around when people think he's an old woman, and by using the tactics detailed in the classic 1912 self-defense book The Cane As A Weapon, he can use his walking stick to deal devastating blows.

An athletic man dressed up like an old lady might be able to fool your average crook, but the CIA-trained Jason Bourne would spot him from a mile away. This fight would be fast, and it wouldn't be pretty.

6 Ka-Zar


Ka-Zar is a jungle-dwelling, primitive hero. As far as weaponry goes, he doesn’t have anything more advanced than a sling or a bow and arrow. His weapon of choice is a simple 12-inch Bowie knife. Ka-Zar's biggest threat to Bourne is his physicality, as he's especially fast and strong after surviving for years by himself in the wild.

Of course, Bourne is usually packing heat, so if Ka-Zar takes a run at him, all Bourne would have to do is whip out a pistol and pump a few rounds of .45 ACP into Ka-Zar to put him down. Jungle-strength isn't going to stop bullets.

But that's no fun, so let’s say that Ka-Zar and Bourne have an even fight, both stripped of all weapons. Does Bourne stand a chance if has to has to keep his hands off firearms and rely on his fists? You tell me.

5 Falcon

Falcon - Best Marvel Sidekicks

Falcon, aka Sam Wilson, seems like the kind of guy Bourne would get along with. A fellow solider, Wilson spends much of his time doing what he can to help veterans suffering from PTSD.

But for the purpose of this scenario, Wilson and Bourne are mad as hell at each other. In this fight, Wilson clearly has the upper hand, thanks his advanced tech. The EXO-7 Falcon winged jetpack allows Wilson to fly at the speed of a jet (with more nimble maneuverability) and block bullets. He can even use the wings as a blunt instrument, slapping opponents down with ease.

Wilson does have his weaknesses, though. Remember how ol’ Falc got handled by Scott Lang in the Ant-Man movie last year? If Bourne could find some way to disable Wilson's flying apparatus, maybe with malware or an EMP device, he should be able to win this fight.

4 Hawkeye

Hawkeye in Thor Cameo

Of all the Avengers, Hawkeye has to be the weakest. He's a lot like Green Arrow in that instead of having superpowers, he’s just really good with a bow and arrow.

The hardest thing about killing Hawkeye is that he's always hanging around dudes who can topple a tower just by pushing it with their pinky (apparently this is actually canon - in Journey into Mystery #94, Thor brings down the Leaning Tower of Pisa with his little finger alone).

Those Avengers stick together, you know. Bourne would have to be patient for a moment when Hawkeye separates from the pack. Imagine Hawkeye is at a bar with his super-powered friends having a good time, and Bourne is sitting in a cafe across the street reading a newspaper, looking up every now and then to keep an eye on Hawkeye. Finally, Hawkeye leaves the bar and walks back to his apartment alone. Bourne leaves the cafe at the same time, casually crosses the street, and follows him for a block or two before pulling out a pistol and taking his life as easy as Matt Damon taking the Bourne role right back from Jeremy Renner. Your leading man days are over, Hurt Locker.

3 Tony Stark

Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.) in Iron Man 3

We’re making a point to put down “Tony Stark” and not “Iron Man” for this entry. If Stark has his armor on, there’s no way Bourne is going to be able to take him. No amount of CIA training can prepare you for a metal man that can fly and shoot rockets from his wrists.

To beat Tony, Bourne will have to sneak up and catch him off-guard in plainclothes. This isn't an unprecedented move. In Iron Man # 243, a stalker shoots Tony when he's out of his suit, and he almost dies on the operating table. If a deranged stalker can get the jump on him, it should be a piece of cake for a highly-skilled operative like Bourne. Tony loves to give press conferences, so Bourne could just sneak into one of these events and shoot him down as soon as he pops his head up, just like what one of Bourne's rivals did to the journalist character in The Bourne Ultimatum.


2 Black Widow

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Widow

It's Black Widow vs. Jason Bourne, spy vs. spy.

Bourne would certainly have his work cut out for him with Black Widow. The Russian-born S.H.E.I.L.D agent is as intelligent as she is athletic. In fact, she fights a lot like Bourne, making the most out of any everyday object within reach that can be used as a weapon. You want to tie her to a chair and interrogate her? Expect that chair to break a few of your ribs in a moment.

Now, Bourne is a resourceful super-spy in his own right, so he might be able to out-improvise Black Widow. She has some biotech enhancements that allow her to recover from physical damage faster than a normal human, though, so it's hard not to give her the advantage here. Bourne has a chance, but if you're a betting man, put your money on the Russian.


1 Nick Fury

Nick Fury in The Avengers

If Jason Bourne really did exist in the Marvel universe, it’s easy to see how Nick Fury might end up becoming his biggest enemy. Nick Fury recruits and trains spies, and that's exactly the kind of guy Bourne always finds himself hunting down.

Age would seem to be a big factor to Bourne’s advantage in this fight. While Bourne is starting to look a little haggard lately, Nick Fury has been around since World War II. Bourne should have no problem beating up an old man, right?

Not so fast. Since the 1940s, the comic book-version of Fury has been injecting himself with Infinity Formula, which significantly slows the aging process. He stays in shape, too, and with his experience as a solider, spy, and heavyweight boxer, there's no reason to think he can't go toe-to-toe with Bourne in a brawl. Fury is a demolitions expert as well, so Bourne will have to watch out for booby traps if he wants to make it to the fight in one piece. Of course, Bourne also knows a thing or two about setting off explosions, so Fury will need to do the same.

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