20 Superhero Projects Currently In Development (And 10 That Are Rumored)

Wonder Woman Fighting

Now is certainly the time to be alive for superhero fans, as multiple superhero movies are now released every year.

While superhero movies like Batman and X-Men have always been fairly popular, the world has never before seen the success and popularity of superhero movies that there is today.

This year introduces 10 new superhero movies theatrically, ranging from Marvel Studios movies like Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War to DC movies like Aquaman and Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, and even to some R-rated superhero movies like Deadpool 2 and Venom.

Within only a few weeks, Avengers: Infinity War quickly became the fourth highest grossing movie of all time, which is certainly a remarkable feat.

It is quite clear that superhero movies today are incredibly successful, so it is no wonder that major studios are planning to put out more and more superhero movies and video games in order to cash in on the popularity.

A number of movies from DC and Marvel are all slated for release in the near future, with many still in the development phases. Furthermore, there are also a number of unannounced superhero movies and games that are rumored to be released at some point in the near future, without any current confirmation.

Obviously, these rumors should all be taken with a grain of salt, but they're exciting nonetheless.

With that said, here are the 20 Superhero Projects Currently In Development (And 10 That Are Rumored).

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30 In Development: Black Widow

For years, Marvel fans have been asking for the Avenger Black Widow to get her own solo movie to no avail.

It wasn't until after the success of DC's Wonder Woman that Marvel Studios finally announced their plans to actually give the female superhero her own solo adventure on the big screen.

The Black Widow movie has picked up TiMER screenwriter Jac Schaeffer to write the script, and the production designer for Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence was recently brought onto the project as well.

No director has yet been announced, even though it has been revealed that Marvel has interviewed 65 different prospective people to direct, both male and female.

No release date has been confirmed at this time, but the movie is expected to shoot sometime next year, which would likely give it a 2020 release date.

There's no word on when the events of the movie will take place, with many fans theorizing that it may actually be set long before the events of The Avengers.

Black Widow would theoretically serve as an origin story for Natasha Romanoff, showing her upbringing as a Russian spy. It could also potentially show her dealings with the Winter Soldier, as the two have a history both in the comics and in the movies.

29 In Development: Nightwing

Nightwing was one of the many future releases announced by Warner Bros. and DC, and it is one particular project that they are quickly moving forward with.

Batman is one of DC's most profitable superheroes, so it's no question that DC is trying to squeeze as much out of the Caped Crusader as they can in their movies. This would include giving his sidekicks their own movies.

As those who read the comics know, Nightwing was the superhero mantle that the original Robin, Dick Grayson, eventually took on when the role of Robin felt too childish for him.

Nightwing became an almost instantly successful superhero in DC Comics, leaving a number of people excited for him to get his own movie.

In a move that very few people expected, Nightwing has picked up Chris McKay as its director, who previously directed the hilarious and beloved LEGO Batman Movie. Additionally, The Accountant and The Judge screenwriter Bill Dubuque has been hired to write the script.

There is no word yet on who will actually star in the titular role, leaving many DC fans wondering who will take up this cherished superhero mantle. Names like Dave Franco and Drake Bell have all been tossed around, but at this time, nobody really knows who will star as Nightwing.

28 Rumored: Avengers: Secret Wars

In the comics, the Secret Wars events occurred a number of times. The most recent example featured a collision of two different comic-book universes, the mainstream Marvel universe and the Ultimate universe, with the heroes from both universes teaming up to take on the teamed-up villains.

It was a great story arc that certainly brought a lot of attention back to the comics.

While promoting the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the movie's directors Anthony and Joe Russo discussed how they would go about incorporating the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They brought up the idea of a Secret Wars movie, which would actually work quite well.

As a number of Marvel fans pointed out, with the way that the MCU is set up, it would be rather difficult to explain mutants existing in the universe.

There was never any mention of mutants in any of the 19 movies so far. In addition, it would be nearly impossible to explain why Nick Fury didn't reach out to any existing mutants during the events of The Avengers.

Having the Marvel Cinematic Universe collide with another multiverse, specifically the universe of the current X-Men movie franchise, would be the best way to go about things, and could make a truly phenomenal Secret Wars movie.

27 In Development: X-Force

Cable with Deadpool and X-Force

After the incredible success of 2016's Deadpool, and the fantastic reception so far to Deadpool 2, it is no surprise that 20th Century FOX is currently planning on expanding this particular X-Men series.

It has been announced that the next movie in the Deadpool series will actually be an X-Force movie.

This ensemble sequel will feature Cable assembling his own team of the X-Force in order to stop the horrible future that he came from. Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, and Zazie Beetz are all slated to return in their roles of Cable, Deadpool, and Domino, respectively.

The movie is set to be written and directed by Drew Goddard. Goddard was an executive producer on the first two seasons of Daredevil and the first season of The Defenders, playing a major role in the tone of the series. Goddard will easily be able to bring his Daredevil aesthetic to the table for X-Force, making it into a fun, yet dark sequel.

However, many Marvel fans may be disappointed with the work being put into X-Force.

While it's sure to be a great movie, Ryan Reynolds has revealed that it has taken the place of Deadpool 3. While a third Deadpool may still be possible, it likely won't be until a while after the X-Force movie is finished.

26 In Development: LEGO DC Villains

Lego Joker

For months, there have been rumors that the next video game in the LEGO series will be LEGO DC Villains.

The next game in the LEGO series releases in a few weeks and will be about The Incredibles, aligning its release with the theatrical release of The Incredibles 2.

The rumors of a LEGO DC Villains video game were revealed to be true last week when TT Games teased on their Twitter a poster featuring green graffiti saying "Chaos is Coming" on a LEGO brick wall, with the shadow of the Joker over it.

The official announcement is expected to occur within the next few days.

LEGO DC Villains will be the fourth LEGO video game to be based on DC comics. The previous three games were all based around Batman. While the second game did introduce the other DC superheroes, it was still named after Batman, and featured the Caped Crusader as the main character.

This video game will hypothetically become the first LEGO DC video game to not star Batman, and instead will probably feature the Dark Knight as a villain.

While Joker will likely be the main character, other characters and teams like Lex Luthor and the Suicide Squad should be expected to play prominent roles.

25 Rumored: Flashpoint

While the Flashpoint movie was previously confirmed to release in 2020 by DC and Warner Bros., new development shows that it may not be happening anymore.

The Flash will be receiving his own solo movie in a couple of years, but it has gone back to being slated as an "Untitled The Flash Film."

A Flash solo movie is certainly in development, but the idea of it being about Flashpoint has gone back to being a rumor.

While it would be truly fantastic to see the Flashpoint arc from the comics on the big screen, it appears to grow less likely every month.

This is certainly disappointing to a number of DC fans who were anxious to see Flashpoint in 2020. While it is still certainly possible, there is no confirmation that the plans for this time travel-themed arc to be the basis of the entire movie.

DC may decide to develop the character Barry Allen more in his own solo movie before delving into this potential plot.

Fortunately, DC fans who wanted to see Flashpoint can still rewatch the CW series The Flash if they want. The beginning of the third season was actually based on this popular comic book arc, and was rather well done and enjoyable.

24 In Development: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Considering how big of a surprise hit the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies were, and how appreciated the characters were in Avengers: Infinity War this year, it's not too big of a shock to hear that Marvel Studios is working to release the next installment in the franchise as soon as possible.

Writer and director James Gunn, who helmed the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies and even helped write the characters' parts in Avengers: Infinity War, will be returning for the sequel.

Gunn actively shares updates about him writing the "three-quel" on his social media accounts, and even revealed that it was currently slated for a May 2020 release.

While the plot is still unknown, it is most likely going to follow the titular heroes facing off against Adam Warlock, who was an insanely powerful cosmic hero from Marvel Comics.

One of the many post-credits scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 showed the birth of Warlock in a cocoon, setting up the character for a larger role down the road.

Additionally, actress Elizabeth Debicki has seemingly been confirmed to return for this movie. Debicki previously played the antagonist Ayesha, who created Adam Warlock at the end of the last movie to enact her revenge on the Guardians of the Galaxy.

While it is unclear if she will return to be the main villain, it is expected that she will at least play an important part in the third installment.

23 In Development: Swamp Thing

Due to the wild success of most of the DC TV series, such as Arrow, Gotham, and Legends of Tomorrow, DC has announced that they will be making their own streaming service featuring most of their shows put in one place.

This is certainly exciting for DC fans who are anxious to see more, and now may be able to with DC Universe.

Along with the news of the DC streaming service came the announcement of Swamp Thing, which will be a direct-to-streaming series released exclusively to DC Universe. As the title suggests, Swamp Thing will follow the popular DC character Swamp Thing in his own live-action series.

Swamp Thing certainly has the potential to stand out from most other DC series, as it may end up being less of a superhero series and more of a horror series.

While the exact tone has yet to be revealed, as Swamp Thing is still in the early stages of development, it will still be something most DC fans should want to check out.

James Wan, who has previously directed a number of Saw movies and is currently directing this year's live-action Aquaman, will have a major part to play in bringing this comic book series to life.

Wan's involvement may reveal that Swamp Thing will indeed have a bit of a darker and more horrific tone than most other DC shows.

22 Rumored: Namor

One of the lesser known Marvel characters that many fans have been anxious to see on the big screen is Namor the Submariner. This incredibly complex comic book character was the king of Atlantis, and was actually the inspiration for DC's superhero Aquaman.

Namor has been rumored to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2010, when the character was subtly hinted at in Iron Man 2.

One scene in the Iron Man sequel featured a map in the background highlighting the locations of a number of known enhanced individuals, including Captain America, Black Panther, and one spec in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that most people assumed to be Namor.

The only issue with a potential Namor movie is the licensing rights.

Unfortunately for Marvel Studios, the character Namor was optioned off to Universal Studios in 2001, so they still maintain the character's movie rights, at least to a certain extent.

While this is an obstacle, it is not one that Marvel hasn't pushed through before. In fact, the character Hulk has the same licensing restrictions with Universal, yet Bruce Banner has still managed to appear in six different MCU movies in the past 10 years.

While there is no confirmation, it is possible that Marvel is planning on introducing Namor into the MCU during Phase 4.

21 In Development: Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern corp image

In late 2014, DC and Warner Bros. announced a number of movies they were planning on releasing. Green Lantern Corps. was one of these, and it looks as though it is moving forward with a summer 2020 release.

While the directors and cast have yet to be chosen, there are still a number of rumors circling this project.

For some time, it appeared as though Chris Pine would be taking on the role of Hal Jordan. However, when Chris Pine took the role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, these rumors were put to rest.

The movie is rumored to follow Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner, who were the primary four Lanterns in the comics.

However, at this time, there is no confirmation that every one of these characters will be involved in this movie, or if DC and Warner Bros. will instead choose to hold one or two of them off for a later appearance.

The tone of Green Lantern Corps. is allegedly being inspired by science fiction comedies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Men In Black, which if true, will add a new twist to the DCEU.

Most of the recent DC movies have lacked a certain element of comedy, and bringing humor and lightheartedness in Green Lantern Corps. could be a welcome change of pace.

20 In Development: Insomniac's Spider-Man

Spider-Man stealthily watches bad guys in Marvel's Spider-Man by Insomniac Games

Two years ago, Insomniac revealed that they were developing an intensive and realistic Spider-Man video game.

While the game took a bit longer for the developers to make than expected, it is finally slated for release later this year.

One announcement about Spider-Man that irritated a number of Marvel fans was that it would be an exclusive game to the PlayStation 4, and would not be available on other platforms like the Xbox or PC.

While some people saw this is a bad thing, it actually means that the game will be a lot more detailed with more customized controls for PlayStation to better the overall experience.

The game will focus on Spider-Man taking down a new local gang referred to as the Inner Demons.

In the comics, the Inner Demons were affiliated with both the Green Goblin and Mister Negative. However, there is no word at this time if either of those villains will make their way into the game as the primary antagonist.

The villain Wilson Fisk / Kingpin is confirmed to play some part in the plot as well, but he will not be part of the Inner Demons. Instead, some of the game play has hinted that Spider-Man and Kingpin may need to team up in order to take down the new team of villains.

19 Rumored: Green Arrow

Since DC and Warner Bros. released their entire tentative slate back in 2014, there have been a number of rumors that a Green Arrow movie will make it to the big screen as well.

Green Arrow has become a wildly popular character for DC in recent years, leading to a number of DC fans asking for the hero to get his own movie.

The only thing tentatively holding a Green Arrow movie back is the existence of the series Arrow.

Stephen Amell, who plays the titular character in Arrow, has revealed that he most likely wouldn't be interested in starring in a Green Arrow movie and would rather just stick to the show.

However, this doesn't mean that DC can't make a Green Arrow movie that is separate from the Arrowverse and is instead part of the DCEU. They have already done this with the Flash, who both has a CW show and has appeared in three DCEU movies so far, with his own solo movie on the horizon.

Unfortunately, these rumors may not come to life for quite some time. Arrow is still arguably the most popular of DC's CW shows, and rebooting the character on the big screen could create a number of issues both for fans of the show and for fans of the movies.

We likely won't be seeing a Green Arrow movie until after Arrow comes to an end.

18 In Development: Gambit

Sometimes, a movie in development may never come into fruition. A studio or filmmaker will try to bring it to life time after time, with a different strategy each time around, but with no luck.

Unfortunately, the Gambit movie is a prime example of one of these movies that is stuck in development.

Every year, there seems to be new news of a current plan to get the production of Gambit moving, but then something always seems to go wrong. While the star Channing Tatum is still attached to the project after all of these years, many Marvel fans have lost faith that Gambit will ever come to be.

As of the most recent update, the script is finally finished and the producers are looking to shoot the movie soon.

It is allegedly slated for a release in early June of next year. Unfortunately, this should all be taken with a grain of salt, as we have heard similar news a number of times in the past already.

One of the most concerning parts about Gambit's progress is that there is currently no director attached to the project. If Gambit does not find a director soon, it will most likely delay the current production plans, leading to the movie being delayed yet again.

17 In Development: TBA WB Games Montréal Video Game

Warner Bros. Games Montréal has developed a number of video games over the years, with the most well known being Batman: Akrham Origins. They have also developed a number of add-ons and DLC's for other Arkham games, such as the Batgirl: A Matter Of Family DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight.

At this time, it has been revealed that WB Games Montréal is working on yet another game that is expected to be the next game in the Arkham series.

The Arkham games have been wildly popular with DC fans, and Batman: Arkham Origins was actually pretty decent, so it is great to hear that the next game will be in the right hands.

While it is not exactly confirmed that their next game will indeed be a Batman game, almost all clues seem to point to this being the case. What exactly the plot and basis of the game will be is also kept a secret, but there are rumors that it may be another origin story.

While a majority of the Arkham games are made by Rocksteady, giving WB Games Montréal another chance would be a great change of pace. The Arkham games are almost always great and well-receive, so the more the merrier.

16 Rumored: Blade

Blade Marvel Comics Cover

Since the movie rights to Blade reverted back to Marvel Studios, there have been a number of rumors that the beloved, gritty vampire hunter would make his way to the big screen.

While some of the people at Marvel Studios have expressed interest in making an MCU Blade movie a reality, there has been no confirmation yet that it was being developed.

The original Blade movies were met with a great reception from fans, leaving fans wanting more for over a decade. Now that Blade is back into the hands of a studio that is actively putting out comic book movies more than once a year, a rebooted Blade movie seems more likely than ever.

In addition to the rumors of the Blade movie are also a number of other rumors that Blade will instead receive his own series, similar to the gritty Marvel series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

If this was true, it would most likely release on Disney's streaming service that launches in a couple of years.

While there is no evidence that Marvel Studios is planning on putting out their own Blade movie or show, it's rather unlikely that they're not planning it.

Blade has proven itself to be a viable franchise in the past and would certainly bring a bit more revenue to the MCU.

15 In Development: Wonder Woman 2

After the release of Wonder Woman last year, a number of people have had their faith restored in the current DC franchise.

Wonder Woman went on to become the most successful superhero origin movie of all time, which was a truly remarkable feat. Because of this, it's not too surprising to hear that Warner Bros. and DC are actively working on putting out a sequel.

The director of the first Wonder Woman Patty Jenkins is set to return to direct the sequel, which keeps fans hopeful that Wonder Woman 2 will be just as good, if not better.

Saturday Night Live legend Kristen Wiig is set to portray the antagonist Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2, and Narcos actor is also supposed to have some role in the movie.

While the first Wonder Woman was set during World War I, Wonder Woman 2 is set to take place during the Cold War. This will certainly add a different tone to the sequel, and will most likely add a more complex tone to the movie.

One of the most shocking rumors about Wonder Woman 2 is that Chris Pine may return in the role of Steve Trevor.

While it's unlikely that we will see Steve Trevor come back to life during this sequel, which takes place several decades later, it would make sense to see flashbacks of Diana Prince's former love.

14 In Development: Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the first Marvel movie to take place after next year's Avengers 4, with a July 2019 release. The movie will presumably take place after the events of Avengers 4, becoming the first movie in the MCU's Phase 4.

Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts is slated to return to direct this highly-anticipated sequel, hopefully bringing back the high school tone that made the previous movie so enjoyable.

The sequel will also be bringing back the Homecoming screenwriters, so the characters won't be too entirely different in the sequel.

The movie will reportedly feature Jake Gyllenhaal playing the comic book villain Mysterio, who is one Spider-Man villain that Marvel fans have been hoping to see for years.

It is also rumored to feature the return of the Vulture and Scorpion, both of whom appeared in last year's Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The specific details of Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, including the official title, are all being kept under wraps.

There is no telling how much the sequel will be affected by the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, but it should be safe to say that the world we see Spider-Man in during the sequel may be drastically different from the world of the first movie.

13 Rumored: Teen Titans

Many millennials grew up watching the classic Teen Titans animated series, and the current generation of kids has fallen in love with the series Teen Titans Go! Because of this popularity, the possibility of us seeing a live action Teen Titans movie actually pretty likely.

While some of these hopes have already been answered with the announcement of a live action Teen Titans series, which should release this fall, there are still a number of rumors that the Teen Titans will get their own live action movie as well.

If the currently in development Nightwing movie is a success, they may give Dick Grayson a spin-off featuring him alongside the rest of the Teen Titans.

Even if all of the Teen Titans were in their 20s, it would still be a lot of fun to watch, despite having a partially misleading name. Otherwise, the Teen Titans movie could always be a prequel to Nightwing, showing Grayson's transition from Robin to Nightwing.

For those who do want to see a Teen Titans movie, the animated Teen Titans Go! To The Movies releases this summer. While this probably wasn't what people were hoping for, the marketing does look promising, leading many people to believe that the show will be better than the movie.

12 In Development: The Avengers Project

Avengers Project - Mjolnir

The video game developing company Square Enix has announced their current progress on an Avengers video game of their own.

Square Enix is responsible for some of the best fantasy video games on the market, including Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, so many people are curious to see what they can accomplish with the Marvel properties.

At this time, the game is being referred to as The Avengers Project, even though Square Enix has revealed that this most likely will not be the actual name of the game.

There is really no word on what part of the comics the game will be based off of, or if this Avengers video game will be its own, original story.

The video game has received one teaser trailer at this point, which announced that they were developing the game. The trailer featured a number of the Avengers' weaponry, including Captain America's shield and Iron Man's hand, but they were all either destroyed or severely damaged.

Based on this announcement trailer, it can be predicted that the game will pick up sometime after the Avengers are seemingly decimated, which would result in a new team of superheroes needing to form in their place.

This could be the Young Avengers, or it could also lead to the idea of multiple universes by being a Secret Wars video game. Only time will tell.

11 In Development: Silver & Black

Back during the time of The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony announced a number of Spider-Man spin-offs that they were planning.

These ranged anywhere from The Sinister Six to rumors of a Mysterio movie. While most of these plans were cancelled, three planned projects still seem to be in the works.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and Venom, which release later this year, were two of these projects that Sony decided to keep. The other is Silver & Black, the female-led superhero movie starring Silver Sable and Black Cat.

While the movie is currently slated for a February 2019 release, it is expected to be delayed considering how little progress has been made on it, at least publicly. 

Shots Fired showrunner Gina Prince-Bythewood is attached to direct the project, but no casting announcements have been made at this point, leaving fans curious to know if Sony is actually working on this spin-off actively.

It is assumed that the original plans for this movie in 2014 would have had Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Felicity Jones play Black Cat, after she appeared as the character briefly in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

However, since that franchise has been sacked, it is more likely that Silver & Black will take a different casting approach.

10 Rumored: LEGO Marvel's Avengers 2

Lego Marvel's Avengers

Over the years, TT Games have developed three different LEGO Marvel video games, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, LEGO Marvel's Avengers, and LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

The two Superheroes games featured new, original stories of the Avengers written by actual Marvel writers, whereas LEGO Marvel's Avengers was based on the MCU movies.

Despite LEGO Marvel's Avengers receiving a bit lower of a reception by fans than the other two LEGO Marvel games, a sequel is still rather likely.

The MCU is certainly a viable movie franchise, and the lack of MCU video games leaves an open market for the LEGO video games franchise to take advantage of.

The first LEGO Marvel's Avengers game was based primarily on the movies The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, with a few additional levels based on some of the other movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3.

The ending of the game teased that there was more to come from this series, most likely following the next two Avengers movies.

Because of this, Lego Marvel's Avengers 2 is rumored to release in another year or two to be based on Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, which would certainly be a lot of fun to play.

9 In Development: Lobo

In the comics, Lobo was one of DC's most gruesome and gritty anti-heroes, serving almost as a parody of other superhero characters. He is stylistically inspired by Wolverine, and has a similar tone to many of Wolverine's comics.

DC and Warner Bros. have revealed that the intergalactic mercenary will be receiving his own movie in the near future.

According to numerous sources, Warner Bros. is trying to land Transformers director Michael Bay to helm this project, as his explosive, overly violent style would be the perfect aesthetic for Lobo.

The fact that the next Transformers movie after the Bumblebee spin-off has been taken off of the release schedule is actually a good sign for Lobo, as this could mean Bay has instead decided to bring his attention to this DC movie.

Obviously, the rumor of Bay directing Lobo should be taken with a grain of salt, as there is no confirmation yet, but it's still exciting.

The only thing holding Lobo back is that the current script would reportedly be extremely expensive to shoot, with an estimated budget of over $200 million.

This is extremely expensive, even for superhero movies, so Warner Bros. is apparently holding off until they can find a way to make the movie less expensive. Because of this, it may be some time before we finally see Lobo grace the screen.

8 In Development: Doctor Strange 2

While Marvel Studios have yet to exactly confirm their plans for Doctor Strange 2, there is enough evidence that they are moving forward with this project.

Director Scott Derrickson, who helmed the first Doctor Strange movie, is set to return to direct the sequel and is actively working on the new story.

C. Robert Cargill, who was one of the writers on the previous Doctor Strange, is once again working with Derrickson to develop the sequel.

According to Cargill, the villains of Doctor Strange 2 will be Mordo and Nightmare. Mordo was a hero in the first movie, who turned away from the sorcerers during the third act and is passionately concerned with the actions of the sorcerers.

The most exciting thing to take away from Cargill's revelation is that Nightmare will be one of the villains.

In the comics, Nightmare was an insanely powerful, inter-dimensional villain who went on to become one of Doctor Strange's most formidable foes. His inclusion in Doctor Strange 2 will certainly be exciting.

Since Marvel is being extremely quiet about Doctor Strange 2, there is no telling when it will release, or even when it will begin production.

More updates on this likely won't be revealed until after the release of Avengers 4, as Marvel is trying to keep most of their future projects a secret in order to not spoil what we will see in the next Avengers.

7 Rumored: Hawkman & Hawkgirl

Among the popular DC heroes who have yet to have a movie announced are Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the winged pair of superheroes with their origins rooted in Egyptian legends.

In the comics, they were certainly an interesting pair of characters whose arcs and developments were almost always interesting to see.

The biggest reason for Hawkman and Hawkgirl not being announced to grace the silver screen yet is their inclusion in the Arrowverse. Both characters appeared in a number of shows such as Arrow and The Flash, and both of them actually played a major part in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow.

However, since they were never the main characters of any shows, there are certainly viable enough characters for the DCEU to feature. Because of this, the possibility of a Hawkman & Hawkgirl is rumored to show up in theaters at some point within the next decade.

Due to the massive number of movies DC already has slated, it's quite likely that DC may hold off on these characters for quite some time, only introducing them when ticket-selling characters like Batman or Superman are written out of the franchise.

Even if these heroes only showed up in an ensemble movie like the next Justice League, their inclusion would still be appreciated by many DC fans.

6 In Development: X-23

Logan - Laura aka. X-23 (Dafne Keen)

The most popular character in the X-Men franchise was Wolverine until his character was tragically written out of the series last year in the heartbreaking, R-rated movie Logan.

While Logan did bring the demise of one of the X-Men's most beloved heroes, it also introduced another character who will be receiving the spotlight in the near future.

Laura, also known as X-23, was the daughter of Wolverine, who was created using his DNA. While Logan was primarily about Wolverine, the narrative became more and more about Laura as the story went on, leaving an open-ended conclusion, leaving fans wondering what will happen to Laura next.

James Mangold, who received an Oscar nomination for writing Logan, and also directed both Logan and The Wolverine, is currently writing the script for a Laura spin-off, and will produce the movie if things actually turn out.

The movie would most likely follow Laura leading her young team of mutants after they escape into the safety of Canada.

Unfortunately, it now may be some time before we see an X-23 movie actually play out as James Mangold is now tied in to direct, and possibly write the Boba Fett movie, which will be the next spin-off in the Star Wars franchise.

There is no word yet on how this will affect the X-23 movie, but we should expect quite a bit of a wait before the Logan spin-off actually comes into fruition.

5 In Development: Marvel Powers United VR

Virtual Reality gaming has become extremely popular in recent years, so it's not a surprise that Marvel is getting their own VR game as well. Marvel Powers United VR will put players into the perspective of some of their favorite Marvel heroes as they take on foes.

Not much has been revealed about this game outside of an announcement trailer, which featured people playing as Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Rocket Raccoon in immersive gaming experience, which certainly got a number of Marvel fans excited.

The actual details regarding the game's plot are kept under wraps, in addition to the game's actual release date.

Marvel Powers United VR is one of many VR games by Oculus whose details are kept a secret. Unfortunately, due to the long list of games that Oculus currently has in development, it may still be at least a year before we see this game released.

Regardless of when it releases, this game certainly looks exciting. Now Marvel fans can step into the shoes of their favorite heroes, and smash like Hulk or fight with the powers of Captain Marvel.

Some games and concept don't work well with Virtual Reality, but based on the trailer released for this game, Marvel Powers United VR certainly looks like a game that will be worth buying.

4 Rumored: Nova

In Marvel comics, Richard Rider / Nova was a wildly popular galactic hero with some rather interesting powers.

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe first dove into the galactic side of the franchise in Guardians of the Galaxy, rumors of an actual Nova movie coming to be have been circling around the internet.

Guardians of the Galaxy introduced audiences to the Nova Corps, the galactic armada stationed on Xandar. The Nova Corps. played an integral part in the third act of the movie, yet there was no build up to Richard Rider himself.

Fortunately, the events of Avengers: Infinity War seemingly paved the way for a Nova movie, as it had been revealed early on in the movie that Thanos had decimated Xandar, including the Nova Corps.

While this may seem like a bad thing for the rumored Nova movie, it's actually a brilliant move.

Rather than having Richard Rider be a regular Nova soldier, the Nova movie can now pick up with him being one of the few who survived, being one of the last Nova soldiers in existence. This would be a certainly interesting plot.

A Nova movie does seem rather likely, as Marvel Studios have expressed interest in expanding upon the cosmic side of the MCU.

Considering that Nova is one of Marvel's most popular cosmic heroes, the announcement of a Nova movie should be expected within the next few years.

3 In Development: Batgirl

Superhero Movies Batgirl

Nightwing isn't the only Batman sidekick to be getting a solo movie, as a Batgirl spin-off has also been announced.

In DC comics, Batgirl is one of the most beloved female superheroes, and kicks butt almost as much as Batman himself. Because of how great of a character she is, a Batgirl movie is certainly warranted.

Avengers director Joss Whedon was originally slated to direct Batgirl. Whedon has done a decent job with female comic book heroes in the past, considering the massive part he played in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

However, to the delight of many DC fans, it was recently announced that Whedon would no longer be involved with Batgirl.

Whether this was because of his involvement with the poorly received Justice League movie, or because of the leaked script he wrote for Wonder Woman that many people perceived as sexist, a lot of Batgirl fans are simply happy to see him go.

Christina Hodson is currently working on the script. Hodson is also writing the script for the other DC movie in development Birds of Prey, which is rumored to feature Batgirl in a prominent role.

No matter what happens with the Batgirl movie going forward, it will most likely be a lot better than the highly disappointing depiction of Batgirl we got in Batman & Robin.

2 In Development: Black Panther 2

Like most Marvel movies coming out after 2019, the plans for Black Panther are being kept completely under wraps.

Technically, the movie is still unannounced, but like Doctor Strange 2, there is enough current progress being made on this movie to verify that it is at least in development.

Ryan Coogler, who phenomenally directed the first Black Panther, will be returning for the sequel, and is currently working out his strategy to handle the next movie.

All of the plot details are being kept a secret, including who the villain will be, leaving a number of Marvel fans in the dark.

According to recent rumors, Coogler is eyeing Solo: A Star Wars Story and Atlanta actor Donald Glover to portray the antagonist of the movie.

Unfortunately, Glover already appeared in the MCU during Spider-Man: Homecoming, but his appearance was brief enough that most Marvel fans would be able to overlook it.

We should expect Black Panther 2 to be a very high priority for Marvel Studios, considering how successful the first movie was, becoming the highest grossing solo superhero movie of all time.

Black Panther is a money maker, and Marvel certainly realizes this and will likely push for it to release within the next two years.

1 Rumored: Injustice 3

Batman and Superman in Injustice 2

When it comes to DC video games, there are very few that match the popularity and success of the Injustice series.

The first two Injustice video games were a lot of fun to play, being the perfect mix between the Batman: Arkham games and the Super Smash Bros. games. Because of this, a third Injustice game is all but confirmed.

A third game could tentatively bring even more beloved DC characters to the table, adding more DC heroes and villains to the mix like Batgirl, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Two-Face, and the Teen Titans.

Unfortunately, if an Injustice 3 video game did come to be, it would probably be several years before it was actually released.

There was a four year gap between the first two games, and if Injustice 3 were to be even larger than the sequel, it would certainly take a lot longer to bring it to reality.

However, when it comes to video games, the longer we have to wait, the better the result will be. Even if Injustice 3 somehow took 10 years to make, it would still be worth it for many DC fans because the game would feature 10 years of intensive work.

All in all, a third Injustice game does seem very likely, even if it will take a while to release.


Can you think of any other superhero projects that are in development? Are there any others that are rumored? Sound off in the comments!

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