15Tim Burton’s Batman 3

In many respects, Tim Burton’s Batman still feels like the most hyped, energetic opening of a comic book movie ever. People went nuts for it, they proved they were ready for a change from the ‘60s television show to something much darker and in line with the comics of the ‘70s

and ‘80s.

A sequel was obvious, but while some consider Batman Returns the better movie between the two, there’s no question that it was at least a much darker film than the first.

That proved to be a problem when it came to how the franchise would continue. McDonald’s was very upset that the movie was too dark to sell happy meals-- most of the merchandising proved to be a train wreck.

When Burton took the meeting for the third entry, he realized that the studio didn’t want to move forward and wanted to take the series in a much brighter, more commercial direction—which is exactly what it did.

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